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Tilde Cameron & Tina Firoda

City Coquitlam and Burnaby
Prov/State British Columbia
Country Canada
Postal Code V7P 1C3
Telephone # 604-294-4616
Facsimile # 604-294-4616
Cell # 604-418-9156
Profession Authors, Speakers
Career Today, both sisters have dedicated their time to promoting their very unique book through appearances and interviews, as they continue to further their spiritual development. Tina Fiorda comes from a background of Fashion Design, and Costume Design for the Film Industry. Tilde Cameron spent her career first in Vancouver's recording industry and then in the gaming industry.
Expertise Heart Resonance Therapy, Reiki, Channelling
Education College

Canadian Society of Questers, CSETI, Council of Canadians

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The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show, The Gary Mantz Radio Show: KKNW 1150 AM Seattle, Conscious Co-Creation on Voice America Radio, BBS Radio - The Zany Mystic Show, BlogTalk Radio - Gut & Bone Show, LightWalker Show, Pair A Normal Guys Show, The Express TV Show

Publisher of Books Stone Circle Publishing
Authored A Book of Insight, available on,,,,
Merchandise E-Book & Audio Book available soon through:

Sisters Tina Fiorda and Tilde Cameron have shared in many common interests throughout their lives, but the one fascination they've both held from an early age is with the world of the unseen and the unknown.

As children, the writers have had many experiences of the other realm that have confused them at times but sparked their interest in the spiritual realm. It was their curiosity in this area that first caused them to begin experimenting with a Ouija board in their early teenage years. For years they played with the Ouija board, asking it questions that centered around love interests and future predictions; never taking it very seriously, until one day they were introduced to three entities who were not of this world. From that day forward, the messages they received were of a completely different nature. The Ouija board was no longer a parlour game. It was now a tool used to receive wisdom and knowledge from a realm of existence that was beyond anything the authors had ever experienced.

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