Andrea C Paterson



Name Andrea C. Paterson
Address 1801 O'Connor Drive, #206
City Toronto
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Postal Code M4A 2P8
Profession Ordained Minister
Career Retired Secretary. Upon retirement, went back to school and earned the degrees I have. I was involved with two terminal people (mother and husband) until their deaths. Learned much from them. Today I have the ministry in long term care facilities and a senior's retirement residence.
Expertise Ministry to seniors in long tern care facilities and senior's retirement residence. Play congas for church worship team.
Education University
Degree(s): Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology in International Missions.
Military or Law Enforcement Duty: Served in the RCAF from 1954 to 1957.
Affiliations Ordained with Evangelical Association
Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
Authored Feasts of Israel: How they are fulfilled within the Church
Three Monotheistic Faiths - Judaism, Christianity, Islam: An Analysis and Brief History
Awards Numerous Volunteer Awards over the past eleven years.

Andrea C. Paterson grew up in Western Canada. She worked for many years in the banking industry as a secretary. Upon early retirement she attended Canada Christian College in Toronto, Ontario, graduating with a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1999. After her husband's death in 2001, she continued her studies, earning both her Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology in International Missions degrees.

She is committed to seeing people come into a deeper and more intimate knowledge of Christ. She continues to dedicate her life to the study, teaching and expounding of the Word of God.

Andrea possesses a heart for missions both locally and abroad. Outreaches into several long-term care facilities and a seniors' retirement residence have been established. She sees regular, continued growth in both the people to whom she ministers as well as in the team who helps her in the seniors' retirement residence. New facilities are opening up to her ministry.

Being seventy-five - many may begin to wind down - however - Andrea continues to forge ahead - spending each moment of her life in service to others and the Lord through her outreach ministry; travels abroad on missions trips, teaching in Bible Colleges; playing congas for her church's worship team; working as a chaplain in one long-term care facility and two local hospitals. She strives to help others improve their quality of life.

She is continuing to research and write books. Her previous book Three Monotheistic Faiths, Judaism, Christian, Islam was published in 2009



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