Billy Willard




Name Billy Willard
Address 7429 Colton Lane
City Manassas
Prov/State Virginia
Country United States of America
Postal Code 20109
Telephone Number 703-445-4287
Favourite Saying "If this stops being fun, it's time to get out!
Skype billy.willard
Affiliation(s) Sasquatch Watch of Virginia
Media Credits

Speaker at the following conferences: East Coast Bigfoot Conference, Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Creature Weekend in Ohio, Cabela's Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings Weekend in WV, Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in New York, Radio Show Host of Sasquatch Watch Radio


Billy Willard is president of an environmental consulting firm and has an education in environmental science. He oversees various types of environmental assessment and cleanup projects (e.g., leaking underground petroleum tanks, environmental site assessments, and soil/groundwater remediation) and has been in this profession for over 18 years. Billy is an OSHA HAZWOPER Supervisor and holds many other credentials.

Billy became interested in the Bigfoot phenomena early in life as a kid after watching such movies as the Legend of Boggy Creek and the Creature From Black Lake. In 2005, Billy and his son's Josh and Tim formed Sasquatch Watch of Virginia. Billy is currently director of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.

Billy hosts an internet radio program every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern on the Blogtalk Radio Network called Sasquatch Watch Radio. Each week he has guests from around the world that include Bigfoot researchers and eyewitnesses. The past shows are archived and available for listening.

Billy has been a speaker at many conferences, those which include the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, the East Coast Bigfoot Conference, the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo, Cabela's "Strange, Rare and Unusual Sightings", Creature Weekend and numerous other events in the State of Virginia.

Billy has investigated many sighting locations and interviewed many eyewitnesses since 2005. Billy has also logged many hours in field research.

Billy can be reached at, by email at, or at the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia Hotline at (703) 445-4287.

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