Barbara Robins

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Name Barbara Robins
Prov/State Illinois
Country USA
Telephone # 847-566-6559
Profession Subtle Energy Field Balancing (Distance and in person)
Expertise Yuen Energetics, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki
Education Besides the university degree listed below Barbara studied
vibrational/energy healing for 3 years
Degree(s) BFA - Art Education, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
Affiliations Active member - Chinese Energetic Method
Merchandise Light Energy Solutions by DNR
Bio Barbara Robins is an advanced practitioner of Yuen Energetics, a member of Chinese Energetic Method (the Yuen Energetics practitioners group of Chicago), and a candidate for the Yuen Energetics Mastery Program. She has been a compassionate healer, teacher, and spiritual counselor for over 20 years working internationally with children, adolescents and adults. Other healing modalities she works with are Reiki, Radionics, Flower Essences, Angels, the Pledians, and others.

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