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BLAZE, Chrissie

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Name Chrissie Blaze
Address 3119 N. Campbell Road
City Royal Oak
Prov/State Michigan
Country United States of America
Postal Code 48073
Telephone 248-588-0290
Cell 248-804-9945
Facebook The Aetherius Society - Royal Oak
YouTube aetherius society
Favorite Saying Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment
Profession Public Relations/Author
Career Author/PR/Teacher/Radio Show Host

The Aetherius Society, ET Contacts, UFOs, Spirituality, Astrology

Education Degree in Education; Diploma in Astrology
Skills Teaching, professional astrologer, regular media guest, public speaking, public relations, writing (12 published books)
Degree(s) University of London; Faculty of Astrological Studies
Member of Association(s) / Affiliations The Aetherius Society
Media Credits Radio, TV, print, media, newspaper, magazines.
Publisher of Books Chrissie Blaze - 12 books including Power Prayer, Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet, Workout for the Soul; Karmic Astrology. Dr. George King - The Twelve Blessings, The Nine Freedoms, Contacts with the Gods from Space, Realize Your Inner Potential through King Yoga, Karma and Reincarnation, Visit to the Logos of Earth; You Are Responsible, and many more plus many lectures on many aspects of spiritual sciences
Merchandise Books, CDs
Bio Chrissie Blaze does media interviews, teaching and public relations for The Aetherius Society and was a direct disciple of Society's Founder, Yoga Master and ET Contactee, the late Dr. George King for 25 years. This is the Centennial Year of the birthday of Dr. King - January 23, 1919 who was one of the early and genuine Contactees in the 1950s and his work continues today with his invention of many global healing missions. Chrissie Blaze is available for interviews and also to coordinate interviews with other people who knew Dr. King and were also close disciples.

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