Claudia Dale



Name Claudia Dale
City Brantford
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Favourite Saying

"We are never given a vision or dream without the means to make them a reality"..Unknown

Cell Number 647-688-7503

LinkedIn Claudia Dale
Profession Crystal and Spiritual Healer

Brainstem Healing, Cobra Serpent energy, Crystal Patterns, Energy/Chakra balancing, Intuitive Counselling, Pain Relief, Release of Negative Energy, Ray Children

Affiliations Adamis International

Healings - Brantford, GTA & Golden Horseshoe; Remote Healings (Internationally); Magnetic Master Lasor programmed Crystals (In support of Energy grid and Immune system) ; Ray Crystals (set of 9) - Individually programmed Crystals in support of the ray child; Crystal holders for Ray children;various CDs & Books Frank Alper; Crystal Fountains.

General Info

"My mission at 'Your Soul’s Content' is to help people connect with their true essence. I believe all people should be able to conduct their lives from a place of love, truth and self-grace.”

From a very young age, Claudia has always been attracted to all things and people spiritual. She embraced her path in 1994, when she met Frank Alper, founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, pioneer in healing techniques, crystal patterns, and magnetic energies. She continued her spiritual and healing education with Frank, her mentor. In pursuit of healing arts, knowledge and technique, Claudia has travelled to such spiritual places as Pheonix, Sedona, Mt Shasta, Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge.

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