Clifford S. Coull



Name Clifford S Coull
Address 1106 Pippin Circle
City Santa Rosa
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Postal Code 95407-6772
Favourite Saying Have a great day.
Telephone No. 707-528-3051
Cell No. 707-974-8252
Skype 707-528-3051 clifford.coull
Profession Published Author
Career Information Technology Systems Analyst
Expertise Certified Quality Analyst (CQA)
Education Sir George Williams
Degrees Math Science
Publisher of Books Author House (first book) and Create Space an affiliate (subsequent books).
Authored Are You Wearing a Barrel? 5/22/2006; Like Trees Grow Together - A Spiritual Journey 9/29/2011; My Unbelievable Life Date Pending.

Author Clifford S. Coull was born, raised and educated in Montreal Canada. After marrying, he relocated with his young family to the San Francisco Bay area of California. When the marriage ended in divorce, the author began to experience new phenomenon. The event triggered a period of spiritual growth resulting in an awakening of his psychic abilities. Visions and verbal communications began to occur to him. Unequipped, he had to learn how to deal with them. You will read about his search for answers. Why me? Why now? His remarkable conclusions are the reason for his writings.

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