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Name Bruce Cornet
Address 27 Tower Hill Avenue
City Red Bank
Prov/State NJ
Country USA
Postal Code 07701
Telephone # (732) 747-9244
Facsimile # (732) 747-9244
Profession Paleobotanist, Palynologist, Geologist, AOP Researcher / Part Time Teacher for Princeton Review
Expertise Computer Programming: JCL, COBOL, C, HTML
Degree(s) B.A. U.Conn. (1970); M.S. U.Conn. (1973); Ph.D. Penn State (1977)
Affiliations Search For ExtraTerrestrial Visitation (SETV)
Media Credits

Magazine and Journal Articles Herald Record (Middletown, NY), Sunday Magazine, 3 January 1993: Close Encounters, True Believers, story by Stephen Israel about Ellen Crystall and Bruce Cornet, p. 3, 8-9. UFO Magazine, March/April 1995: Long Saga on Lunar Anomalies by Don Ecker, on Cornet's analysis of lunar anomalies identified by Richard Hoagland. Encounters, Special Alien Issue1, 1 October 1995: Telepathy, Abduction, Aliens and a scientist!, 9 page interview with Bruce Cornet by space-age reporter Neil Armstrong. Reprinted in Alien Encounters, Spring issue 1996. Unexplained Universe, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1996: Unlocking the Secrets of the "Phantom" Lunar Cities, story by John Chambers based on talk: Newly discovered Moon structures, presented at Project Awareness in Tampa, FL , May 1995. Sciences Avenir, Juillet 1997, p. 79: OVNI connection, PlanetCyber (an image from and a paragraph about my web page - one of seven selected web sites). Orbit, Cyberspace magazine, September 1997 (Kent Steadman, ed.): Earth Signals, UFO Phi Soundwave, and The Pine Bush Manta, by Dr. Bruce Cornet. Hudson Valley magazine, October 1997, Vol. XXVI, No. 6, p. 22-29: Strangeness in the Night, A close Encounter with the mystifying world of UFO investigators, by Lynn Hazlewood (Editor-in-Chief), with one page on Bruce Cornetís Pine Bush research. Cover picture shows Bruce Cornet, Barbara Hartewell, and Dawn Lay standing in a field at sunset with the Shawangunk Mountain in the background, entitled: UFO! Exploring the Pine Bush Phenomenon. The TIMES the jersey shore, 26 March 1998, Vol. CXXII No. 13: Interesting Happenings in Your Own Backyard..., front page story by Tom Manni. The TIMES the jersey shore, 2 April 1998, Vol. CXXII No. 14: Part Two: Interesting Happenings, by Tom Manni, p. 7. Asbury Park Press, Section B, Coastal Monmouth, 15 April 1998: UFOs lift scientist to career high, front section story by Steve Giegerich. Column entirely about Dr. Bruce Cornetís research. Alternate Perceptions, Spring 1998, Issue # 42, 9-12: MUFON investigates Pine Bush anomalies, by Stephen Tzikas. Alternate Perceptions, Spring 1998, Issue # 42, 12: Pine Bush Area Photos, by Dr. Bruce Cornet.

Television Appearances Intergalactic Television Network (cable TV), hosted by Kenny LLoyd: Taped January 1993; aired April-May 1993, Three part series on Pine Bush UFOs. Sightings (Fox 5): April 28-29, 1994; aired 21 May 1994. The UFO, Japanese film production: May 9-10, 1994. Encounters (Fox 5): 22-23 June, 1994; aired 22 July 1994. Investigation UFO (cable TV), hosted by George Filer: 11 October 1994, Pine Bush UFOs and Moon structures. Investigation UFO (cable TV), hosted by George Filer: 27 December 1995, Pine Bush UFOs. Barbara Hartwell Show (cable TV): June-July 1995, Two part series on Pine Bush UFOs. Roxanne Carol Show (for TV networks): taped 21 May 1995, interview on Moon structures. Is There Anybody Out There? (for Discovery channel; Producer: Rory Millikin); taped on 23 September and 8-9 October 1995, about my personal abduction experiences and UFO sightings with my wife. Pilot for UFO/Abductee documentary and television series: Weíre Not Alone (NVI; Producer: John Topol; Director: Roberto Mitrotti); taped on 4 March 1996; 14 and 21 October 1996, about my personal abduction/contact experiences and implants with re-enactments (7 minutes on pilot). Strange Universe: 28 August 1997, Hudson Valley and Pine Bush sightings. Alien Agenda: 14 February 1998, Staten Island Community Television, with Host Vic Panzella Jr., Sargel 18 (Bryan Williams), Lisa DíAlessio, Tommy Hawksblood (Thomas Sinisi), Dr. Bruce Cornet, and Sylvia Mok.

Radio Talk Show Appearances Encounters with Lee Clinton: 19 June 1994, Moon structures. Laura Lee show: 8 July 1994, Moon structures. Hieronomus show: 21 July 1994, Moon structures. Don Ecker show: 31 July 1994, Moon structures. Don Ecker show: 15 October 1994, Moon structures. Laura Lee show: 17 October 1994, Moon structures. Laura Lee show: 12 November 1994, Pine Bush UFOs. Encounters with Lee Clinton: 20 November 1994, Moon structures. Laura Lee show: 1 December 1994, Pine Bush UFOs. Hieronomus show: 11 May 1997, Pine Bush UFOs. KUKI Radio, Mendaceno, CA, 12 February 1998, on Pine Bush UFOs with Host Greg Gilbert. Sightings on the Radio, 29-30 April 1998, Cydonia - a New Perspective with Host Jeff Rense. X-Zone on the Radio, 29 August 1998, Pine Bush with Rob McConnell. X-Zone on the Radio, 22 November 1998, more on Pine Bush with Rob McConnell. The Mike Jarmus Program, Reality and Beyond, 10:00 pm EST to Midnight, 17 January 1999, Pine Bush phenomenon with Host Mike Jarmus, on the Internet at or at WWCR 5.070 Mhz Short-Wave. PO Box 722 Holmdel, NJ 07733-0722 USA. X-Zone on the Radio, 7 March 1999, with Rob McConnell regarding Dr. Cornet's 12 August 1997 video of missile barely missing a jetliner on approach to Kennedy airport, on the Internet at Strange Daze, on Liberty Works Radio Network, Midnight to 3:00 am, 26 March 1999, Pine Bush anomalies and abduction experiences with Host Don Ecker, on the Internet at The Mike Jarmus Program, Reality and Beyond, 10:00 pm EST to Midnight, 25 April 1999, more on the Pine Bush phenomenon with Host Mike Jarmus, on the Internet at Reverse Speech Radio Show, 11:30 pm EST to 1:00 am, 19 June 1999, the Orb phenomenon and SETV with Host David Oates at The Paul Garson Show, 6:00 pm PST to 9:00 pm, 25 August 1999, the SETV project, its objectives and goals, on the Internet at The Larry Hughes Show on News Talk Thirteen (1390) in Poughkeepsie, NY, 9:00 am EST to 9:28 am, 28 December 1999, on the Pine Bush Phenomenon and AOPs (914-471-1500).


I am a coauthor of four scientific books: Cornet, B., 1993. Applications and limitations of palynology in age, climatic, and paleoenvironmental analyses of Triassic sequences in North America. In Lucas and Morales (eds.), The Nonmarine Triassic. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Bulletin, 3: 75-93. Cornet, B. and Olsen, P. E., 1990. Early to middle Carnian flora and fauna of the Richmond and Taylorsville basins, Virginia and Maryland, U.S.A. Guidebook No. 1, Virginia Museum of Natural History, Martinsville, 83 p. Olsen, P.E. and Cornet, B., 1988. Evidence for early Mesozoic mass extinctions in eastern North America rift deposits (Late Triassic-Early Jurassic, Newark Supergroup. IGCP Project 199, Rare Events in Geology, Berrichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (Wein), 15(Abs.): 20. Cornet, B., 1977. Preliminary investigation of two Late Triassic conifers from York County, Pennsylvania. In Romans, R.C. (ed.), Geobotany, Plenum Press, New York: 165-172.

Awards Alpha Pi Theta honor society (Brookdale C.C.), inducted March 1997 Sigma Xi honor society (Penn State), elected 1975 Phi Kappa Phi honor society (U. Conn), elected 1970 Phi Zeta Kappa honor society (F.D.U.), elected 1964
Bio B.A. in biology (1970) and M.S. in paleobotany (1973) at the University of Connecticut, and Ph.D. in geology and palynology (1977) at the Pennsylvania State University. Post-doctorate research in geology and paleobotany at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (1989-1990). The author or coauthor of 21 refereed scientific papers and four books, all on paleontological and/or geological subjects. 14 years experience in the oil industry, and President of Geminoil, Inc., which successfully explored for and found oil on the East Coast in Triassic age rocks thought to be barren of hydrocarbons (just before the collapse of the oil industry in the early 1980's).

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