Ray Crowe



Name Ray Crowe
Address 225 NE 30th Ave
City Hillsboro
Prov/State OR
Country USA
Postal Code 97124
Telephone # (503) 640-6581
Profession Retired...former book shop owner; electronic and computer
technician, US. Weather Bureau, computer programmer (no longer has left me behind) 
Expertise Natural sciences...have one of largest accumulations of butterflys in Oregon and have published many articles on same.  Geological
background...contributed many articles to newsletter and led field trips...still active contributer to Tualatin Valley Gem Club exhibits at Gem/mineral shows'.  Paleontology...particularly marine fossils on NW Oregon.  Founded Western Bigfoot Society 1991, 93 Issues of 20 page newsletter, ten monthly meetings, weekly lunch meetings, field operations.
Military or Law Enforcement Duty US Air training
Affiliations Director Western Bigfoot Society; President Geological Society of the Oregon Society; chairmen west Oreg and Wash Ice Age Floods comittee; active Oregon Archeological Society, and other stuff science related 
Media Credits Mentioned above...add documentary on Coos Bay, OR, TV concerning Bigfoot. Radio...never bothered to keep track...on The 'X' Zone with Rob McConnell once before even, and ...lots of newspaper  write-ups on the Bigfoot society; have written articles for numerous publications...haven't kept track of which.  Have done public speaking concerning Bigfoot, geology, entomology, on numerous occasions. 
Books Track Record Special publications, recently released #13
Awards lots of numerous to list, lot of honorary stuff 
Bio Age 62, born Portland, OR; dye lab asst; military training courses; computer school; computer jobs, weather bureau, computer gauging technician with radioactive equipment background, basic and fortran computer language, ran antique shop, book shop.  Pertinent courses  Portland State College, Multnomah College, Western Business College, Clackamas Community College.  Several TV appearances, twice on Daily Show, twice on Japanese TV, recently did Extra (not aired yet), Art Bell guest

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