Dana Haynes




Name Dana Haynes
City Palm Springs & Toronto
Prov/State California & Ontario
Country United States of America and Canada
Postal Code 92240& L6S 3H2
Telephone Number 760.288.4341
Skype dana.haynes5
Facebook Dana Haynes
Twitter AstroNewscast
LinkedIn Dana Haynes, Astrologer, Visionary, UFO Researcher
Profession Astrologer to the Stars, Gaming Astrologer and Political Forecaster, Writer, Lecturer, Radio & Television Personality, Event Planner, UFO Researcher,
Career Astrologer, Writer-Author, Lecturer, Event Planner
Expertise Astrology--over 40 years professionally. Known for forecasting World Events, Sporting Events. Radio Host. Radio News Host. Lecturer Research in science, health, genetics, paranormal with scientists & doctors. Event Planner.
Media Credits

RADIO: Palm Springs, Ca. - Astro News, Dana Haynes. Joey English Radio Show; Los Angeles, Ca. - The Dana Haynes Show. Dana & the Stars;
New York, NY. - The Drudge Report, Matt Drudge; Kitchener, Ont. - The Dana Kimber Show. ( List continues in bio on

TELEVISION: Palm Springs, Ca. - The Joey English Show. Morning Show; Thousand Palms, Ca. - The Talking Stick; Phoenix, Arizona - Good Morning Arizona . Arizona Morning; Toronto, Canada - Live It Up, CTV-TV. Noon News, Global-TV ( List continues in bio on

ENTERTAINMENT HOTELS AND CASINOS: Mirage Casino & Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada; Merv Griffin's Resort Hotel in Palm Springs, California; Merv Griffin's Scottsdale Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona; C.N. TOWER, Top of the Tower dining room.

Books The Soul's Time Machine, Your Astrological Gaming Personality

As the Astrologer to the Stars, Gaming Astrologer and Political Forecaster Dana Haynes entertains audiences in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Toronto. Her insight into life, and her sense of humor leaves the audience wanting more.

Haynes' accuracy is well known. Haynes forecast the 9/11 event four years prior to the terrorist attack, and the Friday before on a Palm Springs, California radio show. Haynes forecast the outcome of the last three Presidential Elections three months prior to the elections on morning television newscasts.

Haynes entertained at Merv Griffin's Resort Hotel in Palm Springs, California every Tuesday night for three years delighting dinner guests with astrological anecdotes involving personalities in the news. The Palm Springs show was so successful Dana began entertaining at Merv Griffin's Scottsdale Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona every second Thursday evening.

Haynes was the Resident Astrologer at the C.N. TOWER, at the Top of the Tower dining room, in Toronto, Canada every Tuesday evening during the early 80's.

Recent lectures include The Gathering of Like Minds, Le Vallauris Garden Restaurant, and ACT Tours in Palm Springs, California. Haynes is scheduled for new lectures with both groups along with country clubs & universities in California.

Haynes is the on-air astrologer for the Joey English Radio Show in Palm Springs, California.

Haynes' thought provoking approach to future events keeps her audience coming back for more.

Her passion for the ancient science has lead to work with doctors and scientists. Dana Haynes taught doctors how to use the timing in Astrology for successful surgery, and to help in diagnoses.

Haynes has worked alongside geneticists to see the correlation between Genetics and Astrology.

Haynes worked for a number of years with Dr Allen Hynek in the investigation of UFO's. Haynes continues her research in UFO reports.

Her work with scientists included investigations into Ghostbusting, Pyramid Power and our Sixth Sense.

Haynes interest in Planet Earth and earth changes lead to forecasting earthquakes and volcanic activity along with storms and global changes. Dana interprets planetary cycles, eclipses and solar storms to inform the online audience at, , and Twitter.

- Merv Griffin wrote about Haynes, Merv, Making the Good Life Last.
- Quantum Scientist, Dr Valerie Hunt spoke of Haynes in her latest book, Uncork Your Consciousness.
- Alana Stewart made mention of Haynes in My Journey With Farrah.
- Novelist Judith McNaught wrote about an astrologer named Sybil in her book, Someone To Watch Over Me, based on her relationship with Haynes.

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