David Champion

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Name David Champion
City Virginia Beach
Prov/State Virginia
Country United States of America
Profession Psychic
Telephone 1-877-702-8598
Facebook Davidchampionpsychic
Expertise Ability to quickly define and give clarity to a problem, especially relationships.
Authored From Out of the Woodwork-mystery novel, Never Hang Wallpaper With Your Wife-home improvement, While You're Waiting-collection of short stories.

Bio: As early as age 9, David Champion could tell who would be on the phone and would simply pick it up when it rang with a "Hi, Eddie." This practice was discouraged by his father! While in graduate school, David experienced a week in which he was totally psychic in all his contacts with people, which frightened him greatly. He followed instructions given to him, and the psychic ability left him. He thought it was gone but the person advising him said if it was meant for him, it would be back. That was in 1979, and it stayed gone until 1993. David was a motivational speaker at the time it returned, and he slowly adjusted to being psychic and helping people from around the world.

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