David Price

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David Price

City Cathedral City
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Postal Code 92234
Profession Author / Interior Design/Feng Shui
Career Author / Interior Design/Feng Shui
Expertise Victim of Child Sexual Abuse
Education Some College

Prevent Child Abuse - Riverside County / SNAP (Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests / It Happens To Boys Too / MCCCV

Media Credits

YouTube Video / Radio Interviews ('X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell) and The Larry Elders Talk Radio Show

Publisher of Books Self Published through DogEar Publishing
Authored Altar Boy ALtered Life - A True Story of Sexual Abuse

Chronicling the events of my life, from my upraising in a big Catholic family, asone of fourteen children, to my victimization by my Principal, a trusted and respected priest, known in Orange County as "Father Hollywood" for hischarismatic charm and good looks. The ensuing scandal made national headlines, blew the lid off of a major cover-up, and subsequently opened the flood gates for a massive settlement against the Catholic Church for hundreds of victims. It all began back in the 70s and 80s, after the death of my natural parents. I was ateenage altar boy being raised by my new quadriplegic step mom; all the while, I was being secretly abused by a powerful and influential priest...These memorieswere locked away for a long time. That is, until, as a 28 year old man, I foundmyself waking up in a cold sweat, haunted by nightmares of a child being assaulted by a priest. I became depressed, even suicidal, and finally sought therapy, and began a life-altering journey, as I exposed my abuser and sued the Catholic church. The ramifications of my coming forward are still being felt in California today, asnew cases are being brought forward against the Diocese. Moreover, the epidemiccontinues across America, as other clergy are being accused of shamefully preyingon the innocent. Truly, the resulting story is an uplifting, dramatic, and emotional roller coasterride, as I face my memories as well as a grueling court-ordered deposition -interrogated by numerous attorneys, including one that has represented some veryhigh profile clients. No holds were barred; from my sexuality to my spirituality. I was questioned for eleven days... Ultimately leading to an unceremonious de-frocking of a beloved "celebrity celebrant" and a monumental legal victory against the Catholic church. The inspiring tale is intended as a healing message for victims of abuse, and awatchword for parents who implicitly entrust their children to those in influential positions.

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