Matthew James Didier



Name Matthew James Didier
Address 1594 King Street West, #302
City Toronto
Prov/State ON
Country Canada
Postal Code M6K 1J7
Telephone # (416) 516-7651
I C Q # 12533014
Profession Computer Administrator
Expertise Ghosts & Hauntings
Affiliations Canadian Scientific Paranormal Investigations
Media Credits The 'X' Zone, The Toronto Star, MIND Excursions - Montreal, Dreamworks Production - Live Guest Speaker at "The Haunting" Movie Premier, COGECO Niagara, ONtv
Bio The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society was started in October of 1998 and has since expanded to include all of Ontario, Utah, Nevada, Quebec and the UK.  Since day one we have offered two different areas for the visitors to our site, one is the ability to read about famous and not-so famous documented haunts and to offer advice and to investigate ghosts for people who have/are experiencing the paranormal.  We try very hard to not only look for the paranormal but also the "normal" answers into why something might have/might be happening and offer all possibilities to the requester.  Our group is made up of many different people with varied views on the paranormal which gives us a unique perspective into ghost, hauntings and, as Rob McConnell of the X-Zone says, things that go bump in the night.


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