Dita Wegman

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Name Dita Wegman
City Oakville
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Favourite saying Take your life in your own hands---------And live your Dream / by Nostradamus
Telephone Number 905-827-5848
Cell Number 905-876-7530
Career Vice President of a International Cosmetic Company,
Actress and Model.
Expertise Wisdom collected and found Life's purpose.
Education The Best = "Intellectual + Life Experienced, Combined."
Publisher of Books VASITHA Publication
Authored * Nostradamus' Egyptian Dream-Book( 1928 lost-revived ) now in 5 languages available;
* New Edition: " Explore the Nature of Sleep"…a journey to higher consciousnes1 ( ready for print and foreign rights available )

Dita Wegman was born in Sudetenland (Bohemia). Destiny brought her to Canada in 1969, where she held a position as vice-president in an international cosmetic company for over 25 years. Recently retired, she decided to revive her inherited Nostradamus Egyptian Dream Book. She says: " I am privileged to have preserved from extinction the lost and rediscovered Dream Interpretations of Nostradamus."

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