Patricia Doyle



Name Patricia Doyle
Address P O Box 809
City Hyde Park
Prov/State NY
Country USA
Postal Code 12582
Telephone # (914) 221-8601
Profession Arm Chair Emerging Disease Investigator
Expertise I am not a professional journalist, never wrote a book. I had many questions about the Plum Island facility, conducted an investigation, and am presenting research in the capacity of a concerned citizen, activist.
Degree(s) AAS
Military or Law Enforcement Duty x
Affiliations x
Media Credits Jeff Rense, Art Bell, Alan Hunter, David Oates, Bill Boshears. The 'X' Zone
Awards Several Bronze Medals Skating, Dancing and Figures, Piano Guild Awards, SUNY Morrisville Agriculture College for horsemanship, Ham Radio Advanced Class License, 2 Awards from St. Joseph's Hospital in Yonkers, NY for volunteer laboratory work.
Bio I am retired, but, began researching the Plum Island Animal Disease Lab on long Island, and its connection to the West Nile Like virus outbreak in New York. I had to set out on my own, with the help of William Thomas, Journalist, and present my research. This was necessary as mainstream media would not even look at my material.


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