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Name Dr. Bara H Loveland
Address P.O.Box 371 (since 1989)
City Sedona
Prov/State Arizona
Country United States of America
Postal Code 86339
Telephone # 928-282-4703
Profession Researcher, Seminar Instructor, Author, Inventor, Personal Spiritual Instructor (seeing the energy field; past life regression; joyful, guided meditation for problem solving called Bio*Chakra Symbol JourneysTM, balancing the Chakras, simulating Kundalini life energy etc.); Counselor (improving life energy, detoxification, determining energy needs from one’s face etc.), Evaluator of Tesla/Kirlian Photographs, using Bio*ChakraTM Evaluation, a precision system.
Career Research
Expertise Enhancing life energy with Dinshah Color MedicineTM and Bio*Chakra MedicineTM, reading healing needs from one’s face or from Character Traits; correlating healing substances to nourish our energy fields (colors, sounds, herbs, gems, food, Bachflowers, Biominerals etc., mainly from original research), Tesla/Kirlian life-energy photographs with Bio*ChakraTM Evaluation; spiritual origin of ancient symbols like Mayan Day Signs, Hebrew Alphabet, Runes, biblical symbols and I Ching; teaching spiritual skills. Assisting detoxification of your body and your home.
Education University
Degree(s) Ph.D., N.D., MHS, MCT

Earth Community Research - The Think Tank.

Media Credits Darlene d'Angeles Show, AZ; Tonya Mock Show, AZ; ZDF, Germany; TV Channel 7, NM; Radio Bitch, France; Radio Show, Santa Fe, NM; Sedona Journal of Emergence; Networking News; and others.
Publisher of Books Goldman and Self Publication
Authored Articles

Bara has published countless articles in the US and in Europe, on the spiritual origin of symbols, Dinshah Color MedicineTM, Tesla/Kirlian life energy photographs, detoxification, recipes and more. Among them

Altered States - Now and naturally; We Are the Future; Bio*Chakra MedicineTM; Dinshah Color MedicineTM; What Makes Bugs Come back?; Circadian Body Clock - Chinese Organ Clock: The Natural Order of Day and Night Rejuvenating the Body; Can Color heal?; Bio*Chakra MedicineTM - Medical Use of Tesla-Kirlian Photographs; Simple Home Health Treatment - Dinshah Colored Light Therapy; Color - Medicine of Light; Rune of the Pharaohs; Rune of the Crop Circles; Mountains of Magic: Beorc Rune; No More Working for the Dumpster; Shaff on Your Table, in Your stomach, in Your Lungs? Y2K in Astrology; The Secret of the Fire Walkers; Let there Be Light - On the origin of the Christmas tree; Why Herbicides Make You Look Old; Great Spirit Rune of Turtle Island; Your Life-Energy Made VisibleTM; Soul Involution - In 7 Steps; Chem-Trails in the Bible; Do Symbols Advance Hypnotherapy? C-U-X - Name und Mystic (C-U-X Name and Mystique); The Totem Ritual in Modern homes;


Instant Dinshah Color Medicine by Dowsing; how to determining the color needed, the duration and tonation area etc. by dowsing.

Der Sonnenweg (The Way of the Sun), first dictionary on the origin of symbols in experienced spirituality; from original research.

The (W)Hole Book on Mimbres Pots, on the spiritual origin of selected American Indian Symbols and the Hole in the Mimbres Pots; from original research.

Das innere Weltbild (The Inner World Conception), investigating archetypes and symbols and their functions in consciousness, going beyond Carl Jung.

Zeitalter des Gefuehls (Era of Feeling), on a 13 months long, clinical study on naturally altered states of consciousness and group work.

Behausungsprinzipien (Principles of Dwelling), a comparison of Western technology for homes to those of nature cultures, which accomplish similar fulfillment of human needs with little technology.

Raum - philosophisch, psychologisch, gebaeudekundlich (Space - Philosophically, Psychologically, Achitecturally), investigating space in its material and transcendental functions. Symbole von Urerfahrung und ihre Wiederkehr im Bauen (Symbols of Primal Experience and their Return in Architecture), relating the historic phases of human dwellings to the conscious development of the chakras, energy fields in the body (similar to acupuncture points).

The Scorpion Book, describing the Scorpions and their interesting life. The author had been stung twice, with over 130 scorpions in her cabin, and found a way to easily and quickly neutralize a sting from even the most poisonous scorpions on earth.


The Way of the Spirals, deciphering a mysterious symbol by ancient symbols from around the world and comparing it to a biblical text.

Mortality Transfigured, revealing the meaning of a personal, shamanic symbol by comparison with ancient symbols.

Farbenkosmos (Color Cosmos), on Dinshah Color MedicineTM and cosmic color correlations from original research.

Auf Fluegeln (Upon Wings), a picture dictionary of the origin of ancient symbols in experienced spirituality, e.g., one symbol from China may explain another one from the Bible.

Himmel- und Erdenmutter (Heaven and Earth Mother), showing how our life energy has been symbolized throughout the ages from the stone age, 30,000 years ago, to today, explaining the origin of the black Madonna.

The Stone Age Bible. Symbolic messages from the stone age show amazing similarity with passages from the Bible.

The Four Riders of the Bible, deciphers their prophetic meaning of Revelation 6.

Genesis One, translating the text by ancient symbolic meanings with amazing results.

The Magic of the Mountains - The Beorc Rune, proving the spiritual origin of the Beorc Rune.

Con Profile - How cons artists work ad how you can protect yourself

Merchandise Merchandise for a current price list see or request it from Bara, P.O.Box 371, Sedona AZ 86339, USA.

* Certified Dinshah Color MedicineTM/Bio*Chakra MedicineTM Basic Home-Study Course illustrated;

* Dinshah Color MedicineTM Color Filters (gels);

* Dinshah Color MedicineTM Color Sounds, audio cassettes;

* The (W)Hole Book on Ancient SW Indian Pots (few copies available);

* The Scorpion Book;

* Altered States - In 5 Minutes a Day (in cooperation with Dr. Regina Merritt-Buck), audio cassette.

* Other Dinshah Color MedicineTM accessories (lamps, filter holder material, thermometers, pH paper etc.) can be made available at special request.

* Bio*Chakra Life Task NumbersTM. Everyone should know his or hers, especially children. These numbers describe what our soul came here for and what makes it happy.

Bio Dr. Bara H. Loveland is a Researcher and Instructor at heart. She is at home in both, the scientific and the mystic world and combined them in her work. She researches mainly in altered states of consciousness, which allows access to higher levels of knowledge (akashic records). Once such knowledge is accessed, it is checked from a scientific point of view that is, made useful for very practical, down to earth applications and understanding. Years ago, Bara got the message that we can learn through joy. She did not know how to do this, since learning in classes had always been more severe. Two especially nasty children taught her this, b making it the only way they responded. Bara now practices learning through joy in her seminars and her certified home-study course on Dinshah Color MedicineTM and Bio*Chakra MedicineTM. Her classes in a meditation center in Germany were full of laughter, although "heavy issues" were worked through, with ease, applying the popular Bio*Chakra Symbol JourneysTM she had developed. Often a life changed from just one symbol journey. Bara grew up in Germany as the daughter of a State Church Minister and his wife, who came from a very affluent Berlin family. Among her ancestors are Ludwig Uhland, a famous German Poet and member of the National Assembly, and Friedrich von Schelling, a world-famous German Philosopher. From early years on she was interested in psychology and in-depth psychology. She learned face reading by watching people while riding a public bus to school. Bara studied education and math, as well as philosophy with Professor Friedrich von Weizsaecker, later architecture and town planning with Professor Gutbrod, Professor Siegel and others, and became an independent Architect. She joined a clinical study on naturally altered states of consciousness for 13 months, and later studied Psychology and Hypnotherapy. She became an Assistant Professor at the University of Darmstadt, Germany, with Professor Helmut Striffler, who greatly encouraged her to develop her own style of seminars. She also learned from him how to present exciting slide presentations. Since 1980 in the US, Bara has researched ancient symbols and their relations with sacred energy and biblical texts. She discovered the origin of the Mayan Day Signs, of the Hebrew Tree of Life, and the meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet and of many more ancient symbols. Bara discovered that all major ancient system were but one, which points at the oneness of all ancient religions. For the purpose of life energy enforcement, Bara became an expert in Dinshah Color MedicineTM and is the originator of Bio*Chakra MedicineTM, which teaches how to see energy needs from one’s face or Personality Trait. She gives seminars on Dinshah Color MedicineTM and Bio*Chakra MedicineTM, from California to Denmark, and "commuted" for many years to Europe for her lectures and seminars, since her work was little known in the US. She is the author of several books, e.g. Der Sonnenweg (The Way of the Sun), the first dictionary on the spiritual origin of symbols; Das Innere Weltbild (The Inner World Conception), a work on archetypes, symbols and consciousness, going beyond Carl Jung’s work; Symbole von Urerfahrung und ihre Wiederkehr im Bauen (Symbols of Primal Experience and Their Return in Architecture); Zeitalter des Gefuehls (Era of Feeling) among others. Bara holds a pioneering doctorate in the combined fields of architecture and in-depth psychology combined and another one in naturopathy, as well as other titles. She has appeared on radio and TV in Prescott/AZ, Santa Fe/NM, Albuquerque/NM, Bitch/France and Germany. She had three exhibits on her work and research, concerning Kirlian life-energy photographs and their precise evaluation, in Santa Fe/NM, Albuquerque/NM and in Sedona/AZ. Her work was mentioned repeatedly in the press both in the US and in Europe. She is married to the President of New Earth Foundation, who is also the President of Earth Community Research (The Think Tank), John Loveland, who comes from the famous East coast Pell family of senators and founders. Besides of working on the publication of the second Home-Study Course (the Certified Intermediate Class for Dinshah Color MedicineTM and Bio*Chakra MedicineTM), Bara gives workshops and lectures, showing beautiful slides, upon agreement. She can be reached at;; and at P.O.Box 371, Sedona AZ 86339, USA.

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