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Name Ann Druffel
Address 257 Sycamore Glen
City Pasadena
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Postal Code 91105-1350
Telephone # 323-256-8655
Profession Free-lance Writer / Researcher

Registered Social Worker (RSW) with the Catholic Welfare Bureau, Los Angeles, CA for five years before marriage. Began researching the UFO phenomenon with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in 1957. Entered into Psychic Research in 1969 when it became apparent the two phenomena might be related in some way. Began writing on UFO cases in 1968, and by 1980 wrote first book, THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS, co-authored with parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo. Was also writing articles on earth mysteries by 1969. Free-lance research projects include psychic phenomena such as throughtography; paranormal photographs; apparitions; OBEs; projects involving remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience and necessitating verification of intuitively-derived information.

Coordinated and directed SKYNET, a filter center and tracking system for public UFO reports in the Los Angeles Basin area (1965-1995). Spokesperson for UFO research, including cases involving psychic aspects of UFO Phenomenon. SKYNET served as an adjunct to NICAP and, later, to MUFON, with the data also shared with CUFOS and FSR. Frequent speaker on UFO subject and psychic research projects for academic / civic groups. Numerous talks / papers and presented UFO conferences / symposia.

Expertise Objective value-judging, interviewing, reporting. Writing articles, books, and film plays. Researcher into earth mysteries, including U.S. and Ireland. Project Director, SKYNET Library (UFO and Psychic Research Archives). Professional Speaker on psychic research and UFO investigations for research /academic / civic groups. Forty (40) years field interviewing of UFO witnesses, including landing sites; report writing; counseling traumatized close encounter witnesses. Expert on hypothetical alternate explanations and treatment for experiencers of so-called "alien UFO abductions." Certified hypnotherapist, American Institute of Hypnosis (1977); hypnotic regression on selected cases.
Education B.A. in Sociology, Minors in Speech & Drama, Philosophy, and Economics (Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood, California). One year's graduate study and field work toward MSW at Catholic University, Washington, D.C.. Post-graduate courses in filmwriting, Immaculate Heart College. Private workshops (5 years) in filmplay / screenwriting. Writing classes in adult night classes and private writing groups (1968-1995).
Degree(s) BA (Sociology); RSW (State of California)

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) (1975-Present); J. Allen Hynek Center for UFOStudies (CUFOS); consultant, FLYING SAUCER REVIEW (FSR) 1989-2003; MUFON-LA (Los Angeles) BoardMember(2002-present).

Media Credits Numerous network and local TV/radio appearances on UFC and psychic subjects; on-camera appearances and docudramas most recently UFO FILES (History Channel); Researcher, PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, (ABC-TV Special), Clearlight Productions, Los Angeles. Writer / consultant on documentary segment JAMES E. McDONALD, for ON THE SCENE, Crosswill Productions, Alabama. Writer /researcher for the documentary segment, THE SEARCH FOR ROBERT EMMENT, Alto Teo Productions, Dublin, Ireland.

Six (6) books: 190 + articles which have appeared in scientific and scientifically-orientated journals, symposia and conference PROCEEDINGS, and in newsstand magazines in the U.S., England and other countries; contributions to anthologies and chapters in books - TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS (co-authored, D Scott Rogo) Prentice Hall 1980, updated version New American Library 1989; PSYCHIC AND THE DETECTIVE (co-authored Armand Marcotte), Hampton Road Publications 1995; HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION Random House / Three Rivers Press 1998; FIRESTORM! DR. JAMES E McDONALD'S FIGHT FOR UFO SCIENCE, Wild Flower Press 2003; STANDING IN GOD'S LIGHT: IN END TIMES, Timeless Voyager Press (August 2006).

Merchandise Copies of my books and selected articless available on my website -
Bio Born in Riverside, California; raised in Long Beach, California, married 1953 to Charles K Druffel, five daughters.

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