Edward Ozosky

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Name Edward Ozosky
City Pittsburgh
Prov/State Pennsylvania
Country United States of America
Favourite saying I'll present the truth; what one does with that information afterwards is a personal decision which I will respect.
Profession Director of Paranormal Research
Career Marketing and Research
Expertise Instructor of paranormal studies; lecturer; parapsychology researcher; author; supranatural recurrent in-field inspector; pioneer in the development of scientific etheric-to-physical communication; analyst of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK)
Education PhD Candidate in Research
Degree(s) B.S. Degree In Historical Research/ M.A. Degree In Research
Military or Law Enforcement Duty Seven years service in the Army Military Police Corps. Rank of Captain and trained in crime scene investigation.
Affiliations Rhine Research Institute
Society for Scientific Exploration
American Society for Psychical Research
Association TransCommunication
Phi Alpha Theta
Hauntings Research
Media Credits Years of appearances as a featured guest on regional, national and international media outlets as an authority on Life After Death
Awards In the field of research: Elected to membership in Phi Alpha Theta Honorary Society in recognition of significant, original contributions in research

Edward Ozosky is an instructor of paranormal studies, lecturer, parapsychology researcher, author, in-field investigator for evidence in the issue of survival after death, an accomplished researcher in the development of scientific etheric-to-physical communication as well as a contributor in the study of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis ((RSKP) as well as founder of the research organization, Hauntings Research.

He holds membership in several prestigious national and international scientific societies and organizations such as the Rhine Research Institute on the campus of Duke University, the prestigious Society for Scientific Exploration, and the oldest psychical organization in the United States (1892)--the revered American Society for Psychical Research

Edward is a widely recognized authority on the topic of Life After Death having devoted over 30 years of research, investigation and study to paranormal phenomena and its implications for our understanding of consciousness, the universe and the nature of existence.

Mr Ozosky may be considered one of the few remaining pioneers from the early years of the science-driven, life-after-death, research branch of paranormal phenomena. Edward has worked with such legendary researchers as Duke University professor J.B. Rhine, and his work on the parapsychological dimensions of consciousness, in addition to the Canadian psychiatrist and pathfinder for modern western thought on reincarnation--Dr Ian Stephenson at the University of Virginia.

Mr Ozosky has been a featured guest on regional, national and international media, over the years, addressing millions of listeners on the greatest mystery of all-- Life After Death.

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