Elaine Mercado, RN


Name Elaine Mercado, RN
City Gravesend section of Brooklyn, New York.
Prov/State New York
Country USA
Postal Code 11233
Telephone # 1-718-339-4638
Profession Registered Nurse
Expertise Emergency Room nursing, author "Grave's End" and various articles on
holistic nursing.
Degree(s) AAS Nursing, LPN, RN, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Media Credits BBC Television shown on The Learning Channel called "Weird
Almanac"Cable T.V Show - Honsberger LIVE, X-Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, AM Coast to Coast, Whitley Streiber's "Unknown
Country, The Quest, Sci Zone, The Bob Davis Show, Minn., 21st
Century Radio, KWOC - RIck Carl, WHTT - Danny Neaverth, WBHT - Jennifer Star, WMMS - John Mulrooney, KGGO - The Round Guy, WBSM - Peter Barley, Strange Universe - David Ruben, and The Lou Gentile Show. Internet: The Laura Lee Show

Print Media: The New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, The Bay News,
The King's Courier, JANE Magazine, The Mountain Mail, The Sun, FATE Magazine and Advance For Nurses


"Grave's End: A True Ghost Story" published by Llewellyn Spanish Edition, known as "Apariciones" coming out Sept., 2002

Awards "Graves's End" runner up for Best Personal / Biographical Title by the
Coalition of Visionary Retailers

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