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Name Brent Foster / Don Taylor
Prov/State New Jersey
Country United States of America
Postal Code 07092
Telephone # 908-654-9642
Facsimile # 908-964-8306
Profession Author and Investigative Work
Degree(s) Bachelor of Arts in English and historyBachelor of Arts in English and history
Media Credits WKVL-Walker Johnson Experience-TN; KOTK-Ground Zero Show-OR;WNYU-New York University Radio; WKJZ-The Tom Rose Show-MI; WLIS-Ralph, Mary, & Co.-NJ; KXYL-News Talk-TX; WBT-John Hancock Show-NC; KGAB-Lisa Chaffin Show-WY; KQDS-K. Q. Morning Show-MN; JUX Jukebox Radio-George Soroka and Tom Phelan Show-NJ; WTBQ-Ask Trish-NY; KTKT-Burt Lee Show-AZ
WWJR-Captain In George Show-MI; KIUP-Marcus Allen Show-CO; WNSW-Teddy Smith In The Morning-NY; KSRK-Karin Grant Show-CA; WJKM-The Ted Randall Show-TN; WTKF-Strange Universe-Nationally Syndicated Radio Show-OR; WILI-Peter Nichols And The Breakfast Club-CN; KCCG-John Millender Show-TX; KYYY-Stacey Stern Show-ND; KZMI-The Ben and Jim Show-ND; KFTK-Dave Glover Show-MS; WQLD-Ray Aytle and Sean Balliant Show-ND; KEYL-Sandy Sandberg Show-MN;
NRK-Gustav and Daria Show-OR; KOA-Rick Barber After Midnight-CO; WROK-Riley O'Neil Show-IL
KXNA-AMX Show-AR; WEEU-Charlie and Company-PA; Sirius Satellite Radio-Hilly Rose Show-CA
KCMO-Mike Murphy Show-KA; WFAD-Morning Dialogue-VT; KOUL-Cool County Wake-Up-TX;
KTOX-Don't Start Us Talking-CA; WVMT-Charlie and Ernie In The Morning-VT; KDND-The Morning Rave-CA; XM-Satellite Radio-Babbleon-Washington DC; WOTW-GidgeWorld-NH; KFNM-Erskine Overnight-Nationally Syndicated Radio Show-AZ .

W. P. X. I 11-Honsberger Live-PA; CN-8-Comcast-Real-Life-NJ

Publishers Weekly; Foreword Magazine; Are You Going Magazine

Authored So Now You Know
Bio Brent studied at Kean University, and has a degree in English-writing and a
secondary degree in history. Don Taylor has taken several classes in
parapsychology. They have both seen documentaries, read books on paranormal
subjects, and consulted with experts on issues. Don interviewed the woman
that the book is based on. They both embarked a three-year research endeavor.
Don Taylor owns an entertainment Corp., and has experience running an
improvisational theater, using the sci-fi fiction genre.

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