Uri Geller



Name Uri Geller
Address Sonning Court, Thames St, Sonning-on-Thames
City Berkshire
Country United Kingdom
Postal Code RG4 6UR
Telephone # 0044-118-9699-439
Profession The world's most famous paranormalist, extensively tested and shown to be genuine by some of the best respected laboratories in the world.
Expertise Psychokinesis, telepathy, positive MindPower
Military or Law Enforcement Duty Israeli paratroops in mid-Sixties 
Media Credits Mindbender, by Ken Russell, my life story is available on video. The tonight Show with Jay Leno, Martin Short, The 'X' Zone with Rob McConnell, Art Bell.

To many to list here, please check my website at 

Awards Too many to list
Bio Uri Geller is the worldís most investigated and celebrated paranormalist. Famous around the globe for his mind-bending psychic powers, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate and mystery. He is also related to Sigmund Freud.
        He was studied by scientists who worked with Albert Einstein, and the worldís most prestigious scientific magazine, Nature, published a paper on Uriís work at the Stanford Research Institute ñÝa unique endorsement, and an irrefutable proof that his powers are genuine. His work with the CIA has ranged from using MindPower to wipe KGB computer files and tracking serial killers, to attending nuclear disarmament negotiations to bombard and influence delegates with positive thought waves. For decades this aspect of his career was too confidential and controversial to discuss.
        A vegetarian and fervent promoter of peace, he has used his psychic gifts to detect oils and precious metals, which provided him with the freedom to help others. He is the Mind-Power coach to Premier League footballers, industrialists, Formula One drivers and racing cyclists, and cycles 40 miles daily on his exercise bike. As a columnist, he writes for The Times, Computer Active and GQ, as well as being syndicated in newspapers and magazines around the globe. Honorary Vice-President of the Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol and of the Royal Berkshire Hospital, close to his Thames-side mansion, he is the father of two teenagers, the owner of five dogs and the author of ten best-sellers, including the novels Ella and Dead Cold.

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