Geoff Gilson



Name Geoff Gilson
City Carrboro
Prov/State North Carolina
Country United States of America
Favourite Saying

“ He who makes the rules, leads
He who obeys the rules, follows
He who breaks the rules, changes the world "


Profession Writer, composer
Career Lawyer, Political Public Relations Consultant
Expertise Ha!
Education British Boarding School (Not Recommended!)
Degrees Law
Media Credits The 'X' Zone Radio Show
Authored Maggie's Hammer
Awards Yes Please!
General Info

Geoffrey Gilson was for 10 years active in the British Conservative Party, up to and including the national level. He trained as a lawyer, and pursued a commercial career in public relations. Currently, he is focusing on his creative interests, and resides in a small mill town in central North Carolina, where he also advocates on social justice issues.

Wrote “Maggie’s Hammer,” which tells the gripping story of how investigating the mysterious death of his close friend uncovered a netherworld of illegal arms deals, political slush funds, high-level corruption and Britain’s thirty-year secret role as America’s hired gun.

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