Dennis William Hauck




Name Dennis William Hauck
Address P O Box 22201
City Sacramento 
Prov/State CA
Country USA
Postal Code 65822-0201
Telephone # (209) 254-7363
Facsimile # (209) 254-7363
Profession Researcher of the Paranormal and Mystical States of Consciousness
Expertise Researcher of the Paranormal and Mystical States of Consciousness
Degree(s) MS Mathematics
Affiliations Math Consultant MUFON, Professional Memberships: ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology), IONS (Institute for Noetic Sciences), ASPR (American Society for Psychical Research), ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), CRIS (Center for Research in Science)
Media Credits Geraldo, Sally Jessy Raphael, Extra, Sightings, Art Bell
Books (All available on The International Directory of Haunted Places (Penguin, October 2000); The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation (Penguin 1999), Haunted Places: The National Directory (Penguin 1996); Captain Quirk: The Unauthorized Biography of William Shatner (Pinnacle 1995).
Bio Attended graduate school in mathematics at the University of Vienna. Initiated into Alchemy in Prague and Vienna. Founding editor of the MUFON UFO Journal, former Chief Editor of the Journal of UFOlogy, Official UFO, and Ancient Astronauts magazines. Today, I am working to facilitate individual and organizational transformation using consciousness altering techniques from the ancient discipline of alchemy. I am also actively pursuing research into Metamathematics (Transpersonal Numerology).

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