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Name Jackie Jones-Hunt, PhD
City Glasgow
Prov/State Scotland
Country United Kingdom
Telephone Number 0044(0)7791588005
Cell Number 0044(0)7791588005
Skype jackiejoneshunt
Profession Author, Lecturer, Psychic Psychical Researcher & Spiritual Historian
Career Author & Lecturer
Expertise Psychical Researcher
Degrees Lancaster University:Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Arabic Language, Islamic & Religious Studies:
Strathclyde University: Post Graduate Dip. (Education & Psychology):
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Exploration of 3 Classes of Spiritually Transformative Psychic Experiences (Shamanic, Out of Body & Near Death Experiences)
PhD: Explorations & Investigations into Mediumship & Mediumistic Phenomena
Publisher of Books Author & Owner of House of Light Publishers, UK

Moses & Jesus: The Shamans & Animal Souls:
Chay Nephesh & Animal Souls:
Tao Of Animals


My life and books are defined by my continual search for truth regarding our spiritual destiny - our after death experience. My search has had enormous repercussions on the way I live my material life - I am a passionately committed, long-term vegetarian. As a spiritual historian with a passion for ancient archaeological spiritual sites (I lived in the middle-east) and long-term psychic, psychical researcher, there are 3 branches to my research: academic, observational and personal.

Having observed the many facets of genuine mediumship over 30 years I am most fascinated by direct voice trance mediumship, describing the labyrinthine realms all animals, human and non-human inhabit after death, as a fact of life, according to a natural law of nature - energy cannot be destroyed - alternatively known as the soul/spirit or consciousness.

Glasgow-UK-based, I am a former lecturer and student counselor and committee member of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research. I have obtained degrees and postgraduate degrees at a number of universities including Lancaster and Strathclyde Universities in the United Kingdom.

My research and investigations include Arabic language, Islamic and Religious Studies, Shamanic, Out of Body and Near Death experiences, Mediumship; namely spiritually transformative psychic and mediumistic experiences that gave birth to religions and our historic, global, dynamically evolving spirituality.

Professor Archie E Rpy was my first long-term mentor regarding psychical research. The leading authority on ndes, former president of IANDS, (International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc. USA) Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Fenske was my postgraduate supervisor: Dr. Crawford Knox (Oxford University, UK) and polymath Dr. Carl Lindgren (USA) were my external postgraduate examiners.

My Books:

  • Moses And Jesus The Shamans Pub. O Books Dec. 2011
  • (Animal Souls Series Of 6)
  • Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh Pub. House Of Light Publishers, April 2013
  • Animal Souls: Tao Of Animals Pub. House Of Light Publishers, Aug. 2013


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