Jo-Anne Eadie



Name Jo-Anne Eadie
Address 487 Lynden Road, RR8 Stn Main
City Brantford
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Zip Code N3T 5M1
Favourite Saying If people walk out of my door feeling better than when they walked in, I am fulfilled.
Telephone 519-647-2257
Fax 519-647-2259
Skype kathleen4875
Twitter @CHC_2015
Profession Board Certified Master Consulting Hypnotist
Degree(s) Weight Specialist with Virtual Gastric Band, Age Regression, 5PATH, Past Life Regression, Smoking Cessation, Stress Relief
Award(s) Canadian Society of Dowsers - Dowser of the Year 2012
General Info

Jo-Anne Eadie has been working in the Hypnosis Field for over 14 years. She is a Hypnosis Trainer of both the basic program, and the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band. She uses the many courses and workshops she has taken throughout the years to fit any presenting problem with her clients.

Jo-Anne is a Co-Host on WOWFactor Media with Jo-Anne and Heather - interviewing interesting and unique people with messages to share. It airs weekly on Blog Talk Radio at 10:30am EST.

Jo-Anne is a natural planner and leader of innovative programming. She began the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in 2013 held annually in Burlington Ontario Canada. It is a training ground for Hypnotists of all experience levels to learn the latest techniques and cutting edge protocols.

o-Anne was asked to plan the inaugural Alien Cosmic Expo, bringing together the leading experts in the field of UFO's, Crop Circles, Conspiracies, Ancient Aliens and much more with professionalism, integrity and credibility.

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