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Joe Weigant

City Evansville
Prov/State Indiana
Country United States of America
Postal / Zip Code 47720
Favourite Saying "I'm not a different kind of Reiki practitioner, just a Reiki practitioner trying to make a difference."
Telephone 812-568-5356
Skype Joey Weigant
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Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator And Consultant

Military or Law Enforcement Police Detective
Media Credits
  • Host of "The World Beyond" Radio Show on 'X' Zone Broadcast Network
  • Guest on "The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell"
  • Guest on "The Science of Magic with Gwilda Wiyaka
  • Article In Evansville Courier June 24, 2016 Discussing Tarot Readings At Local Franklin St Bazaar.
General Info

Joe Weigant has been practicing martial arts since 1987 and has been studying TCM, meridian theory, and human energy fields as part of that practice. This led him to Tai Chi and Qigong, and further study of the cultivation and manipulation of energy. In 2009, Joe's Tai Chi instructor taught him Reiki, and Joe went into professional practice that year. He now owns The Reiki Choice, and has assisted hundreds of clients to establish holistic health and well-being.

Since practicing Reiki, Joe has come to realize he has an ability to "see" energy and its flow in the body. He has an ability to detect where energy is stagnant, depleted, draining, or pooling. By balancing the human energy flow (Qi) he is able to help clients to achieve health and wellness.

Joe has also awakened to his psychic mediumship abilities and his talent for spirit communication. Often, Joe has talked to his client's passed loved ones while in session and has communicated messages from beyond.

Joe also owns EPIC (Evansville Paranormal Investigations and Consultations). Joe puts his mediumship abilities to work doing site readings during paranormal investigations. By communicating with those on both sides of the veil, he is able to bring peace to the living and the dead.

Joe is also a tarot card reader and has helped people work through their issues and concerns by using the cards to discuss the obstacles and opportunities before them and the options and consequences of their possible choices.

Joe has taught and lectured for numerous groups on topics such as quantum and metaphysics, energy healing, spirit communication, mediumship, the Law of Attraction, Reiki Certification, intuition and psychic ability, working with spirit guides, and more.

Joe has been a guest on several radio programs, including the "The 'X' Zone Radio Show" with Rob McConnell and "The Science of Magic" with Gwilda Wiyaka.
Joe has a Master's Degree in Spiritual Healing with the Yogananda Institute and is an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church.

Joe is always available for radio or TV interviews, Reiki sessions, tarot readings and paranormal investigations. Joe announces his classes and speaking engagements on his website and on his numerous Facebook pages.

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