Jan Starks




Name Jan Starks
Address 14396 J Street
City Cowlington
Prov/State Oklahoma
Country United States of America
Postal Code 74941
Telephone # 918-966-3313
Profession Broadcaster and CEO of Star Com Media LLC
Career CEO of Star ComMedia LLC, KHXI-FM, KKRP AM-1610, Star Com Radio Network, Star Com Productions
Expertise Media, Business Management
Education High School and College in Wisconsin, Military Police Trainingat Fort Gordon GA in 1972.
Degree(s) Master Degree Business Administration, Associate Degree Accounting
Military / Law Enforcement Duty Military Police 1972 - 1975
Authored Three unpublished works entitled "Ring of Death", "Hells Revenge" and "Thirteen Months in Hell: One man's Account of Vietnam", wrote, directed and acted in "The Teachers Lounge" (a comedy) and "Murder Unresolved" (a murder/mystery)

Started broadcasting while in college as the late night DJ in 1978. By 1979 was contracted to a syndicated program for the next 11 years. In 1990 started my own production company doing voice-over and production work for local ads. Purchased KKRP in 2009 and thus moved to Oklahoma. In 2011 created and became the CEO of Star Com Media LLC and the Star Com Radio Network. In 2012 started KHXI-FM. Active in the use and recognition of Low-Power AM/FM and internet radio stations to become a vital resource in the event of a national emergency or local emergencies.

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