Juanita Rose Violini


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Name Juanita Rose Violini
Prov/State The Rocky Mountains
Country Canada
Telephone # 250.347.0006
Profession Writer & Visual Artist
Career Author & Artist
Expertise Unexplained Phenomena & Fairplay Mystery Cluetrails
Education School of Leap Before You Look
Affiliations Crime Writers of Canada, Canmore Art Guild
Media Credits

The 'X' Zone with Rob McConnell

Publisher of Books

Weiser Books

Authored Almanac of the Infamous, the Incredible and the Ignored

Author and artist Juanita Rose Violini has always lived on the threshold of the unseen world. Occasionally her foot slips, and she finds herself immersed in slightly off-kilter circumstances. These experiences are subtle, and Juanita is convinced that most people have them but either don't notice or explain them away.

Raised in deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta, Juanita came to realize early on that she saw things others didn't. 'By the time I was old enough to talk I knew better than to say anything.' The world was a confusing place; she touched different versions of the same world, and the veils between those versions were very thin. After many years of questioning and observing she has come to the conclusion that magic is alive and well in the world - available to those who are willing to work to be available to it.

Juanita has spent most of her life in a gypsy type existence, frequently traveling and moving on. She loves research. The smell of paper pages is perfume, and libraries are a second home. During her wanderings she faithfully haunts thrift shops and second hand book stores. Many of the 100-odd books that she used in researching Almanac Of The Infamous, The Incredible, And The Ignored were hard to find or out of print, but she found them; a good number of them mysteriously found their way into her private collection, making her the proud owner of a growing metaphysical library.

Juanita is a member of the Crime Writers Of Canada. For 25 years she ran her own business writing and directing live murder mystery entertainment throughout Western Canada, mixing her offbeat sense of humour and love of theatre with her passion for puzzles and whodunnits. Her best kid parties, adult mysteries, and professional scripts have been turned into downloadable parties and are available at

Juanita currently lives in the Canadian Rockies. She continues to explore and experiment with different forms of subtle energy while creating mixed media art pieces and writing more mysteries.

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