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Name Kat Johnson
Country United States of America & Germany
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Profession HPS, Witch Practitioner, Paranormal Spiritual Advisor and Owner, Spell Bound Magick
Career Ordained Third Degree High Priestess Witch, Psychic Spell Caster, Enchanter, Medium, Herbalist, Naturalist Healer, Author, Artist, Alchemist, and Business Owner
Expertise Witchcraft, World Magick, Psychic Reading and Spell Casting, Remote Viewing, Mediumship, Healing, Aura Reading/Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Empathy, Enchanting Items, Faerie Magick, Animal/Pet/Familiar Psychic, Tarot and Paranormal Investigation
Publisher of Books Spell Bound Magick: Book of Shadows, Spell Bound Magick: Djinn Handbook, (Currently Working on) Spell Bound Magick: The Story and My Familiar
Authored eBooks, Blog
Merchandise Merchandise available at : The Spell Bound Magick® family specializes in but are not limited to World Magick, Custom Psychic Spell Casting, Charming Items, Candles, Amulets/Charms/Talisman, Potions, Witch Bottles, Mojo Bags, Incense, Faerie Magick, Djinn Magick, Energy Work, Astrology, Haunted/Paranormal Items, Psychic Development, Astral Travel, Invocation, Divination, Auras, Chakras, Tarot, Remote Viewing/Healing, Spirit Communication, books and e books.

Katerina Johnson is a third degree American Hereditary Witch of German origin, artist, herbalist, naturalist healer, author, ordained High Priestess, paranormal investigator and businesswoman.

She was born with many psychic gifts that she has learned to master along the years. Kat is the daughter and granddaughter of famous witches, Wendy (mother) and Elva (grandmother). Kat grew up with Witchcraft as part of her everyday life.

Kat grew up respecting and appreciating all religions as she traveled the world with her family learning magick from many lands and cultures. In her family's quest to educate themselves and make their family's magick more powerful, they have combine magick traditions and techniques to found their own tradition of magick which they have named "World Magick". Kat's family have been using "World Magick", a magick different from any other magick in the world, to help people for over 70 years.

When Kat's grandmother became too ill to travel, Kat had an idea to take their craft to the Internet to continue offering their magick worldwide. Kat now runs the online portion of their business, Spell Bound Magick.

In her free time Kat works with many paranormal investigations worldwide.

She has also mixed her artistic talents with magick, launching a line of one-of-a-kind enchantments called "Kat's Kreations."

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