Address 53 St-Antoine Street
City Ste-Agathe-des-Monts
Prov/State Quebec
Country Canada
Postal Code J8C 2C4
Favourite saying You can become an Angel
Telephone Number 819 321 0072
Fax Number 514 352 5272
Skype ucmkaya
Profession Author, International Lecturer, Dream Interpreter, Composer & Singer, Editor
Expertise Dream Interpretation, Symbolic Language
Affiliations SOCAN, BMI
Publisher of Books and CDs UCM Publishing

By the age of 10, Canadian Pop Star Kaya had a gold record, and at 18, he had two Quebec number-one singles, with four more songs hitting number 1 on the next album. At the age of 24, after the release of his fifth album, Sony Music Canada offered him a multi-million dollar contract with a plan to launch him worldwide with the same team behind Celine Dion.

In a move that stunned the industry and the public, Kaya turned them down and walked away from his lucrative career to pursue a deeper spiritual calling. Living as a hermit for many years, he delved into his dreams often sleeping for 20 hours a day and devoting himself to meditation, prayer and selfless service.

His profound angelic encounters and dream work led to his emergence as an international spiritual teacher presenting in more than 12 countries around the world, he's a world renowned dream interpreter that has spent over 17 years researching the topic. His books have been sold in over 43 countries.
KAYA co-founded UCM with his wife Christiane Muller, a non-profit organization to support his mission with over 400 volunteers worldwide they are devoted to sharing his inspiring works. Considered by many to be a modern Sage, KAYA now infuses his gifts as a performer and spiritual teacher to bring his transcendent message to the world, along with his wife Christiane.

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