Letha Hadady, D.Ac.



Name Letha Hadady, D.Ac.
City New York
Prov/State New York
Country United States of America
Profession Author, Natural Health And Beauty Expert, Media Personality, Natural Products Consultant
  • “The best known blonde in Chinatown.” L.A. Times Syndicate
  • “The Martha Stewart of herbs.” Conde Nast Traveler magazine
Expertise “Letha Hadady, one of the nation’s leading experts on natural Chinese remedies, is leading a quiet lady-like revolution to bring herbal medicines from the Far East and elsewhere into everyday use in American homes.” San Francisco Chronicle
Education University of New Mexico, University of Paris, Tri-State Inst. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, New York and Shanghai College of Chinese Medicine, China
Degrees BA English and music, MS psychology; D.Ac. acupuncture and herbal medicine, special studies in herbal medicine in China and India
Affiliations Adjunct faculty for Renfield Center for Nursing (Beth Israel Medical Center), Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Columbia University Medical School), and New York Open Center in New York
Media Credits

Letha has been featured on many national television programs, including The View, NBC’s Today Show, Geraldo, Donnie and Marie, Extra!, The Learning Channel, The Food Network, WFLA, WUSA, CNN and ARTE in Europe. She is an expert health consultant for Consumer Eyes:

Letha appeared on the cover of Delicious! magazine. Her work and writing have been featured in a wide variety of print media including Allure, Marie Claire, Self, Fitness, Let’s Live, and Jane. Also NY Post and Observer, and L.A. Times and Indian health magazines. Her Ayurvedic health columns have appeared in Heal India and Healthy You! (India, Middle East, and Singapore.) Currently Letha writes a series “Cooking with Tea” for India Tea portal on the Net.

Letha’s website has a large following with as many readers in China as the West. She has a lively presence on the Net including facebook, twitter and her articles written for lifestyle websites such as,, and Monday mornings she shares a popular live radio program of natural health news and advice with Marie Griffiths on a commercial station in Montreal with over 350 thousand listeners as well as live stream on the Net and ITunes.

“Hadady is an ambassador between curious Americans, trying to overcome their ignorance of alternative medicine, and Chinese herbalists, who are uneasy about opening their customs to the scrutiny of outsiders.” – Newsday, L.A. Times syndicate

“The tall, slender herbalist found her calling after a life-threatening illness. . . Her encyclopedic knowledge of health and beauty is evident.”–Daily News

“Letha unearths the wisdom of the ancients.”
–New York Post

Authored Asian Health Secrets: The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine (1996: Random/Three Rivers). This finely illustrated best-seller has a foreword by H H. the 14th Dalai Lama. Called a “treasure” and “a modern classic in alternative medicine” it has become a Bible in its field for medical professionals and individual readers.

Personal Renewal (1998: Crown/ has a foreword by Dr. Bernard Jensen, doyen of the natural health movement and guides readers to find their Original Self in order to survive major life challenges.

Healthy Beauty (2003: Wiley/ has “sound and easy-to-apply advice for men and women alike…highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to enhance and sustain their energy, vitality, sexual allure, and peace of mind.” Midwest Book Review

Feed Your Tiger (2006: Rodale/ features four energy/emotional types: Dragons, Bears, Tigers, and Cranes with associated dietary and social habits. The book has targeted slimming recipes, Asian superfoods, and easy ways to lose excess weight and curb addictions.

A romantic novel with a background of the Central American civil wars of the 1980s has been recently completed. A second novel is in progress.

Naturally Pain Free (2012: SourceBooks/Kindle) features pleasurable and highly effective natural pain treatments to enhance health and well-being.

A unique heart health book is in progress, to be completed late summer 2014.

Co-Author of:

Asia in New York City: A Cultural Travel Guide (2000, The Asia Society, Avalon Travel Publishing)

Menage a Trois from Ancient to Modern Times (1997, HarperCollins) a sequel is in progress.


A Baby Boomer born near Chicago into a noble Hungarian family, Letha’s parents were distant cousins. Before the age of one she developed pneumonia with a high fever and went into a coma. Her mother, also named Letha, sat by her daughter’s side, giving her strength and love and eventually noticed her baby smiling. “She is singing with the angels,” the mother told the doctor. In her twenties, Letha performed opera. On a concert tour in Europe, Letha had a nervous collapse and had a vision that saved her life and changed her path from music to natural health. Letha became a nationally certified acupuncturist in the USA and traveled throughout Asia studying and working in Chinese hospitals and Thai jungles. Letha’s mother, now 91, illustrates her health books with lovely herbal drawings. Letha, her husband, author Michael Foster, and their two cats live in Manhattan, summer in Vermont and winter in Miami.

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