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Name Linda Frisch
Prov/State New Jersey
Country United States of America
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Expertise I see multi-dimensions and am a facilitator of self-growth and self-healing. I am a retired nurse and medical intuitive. I follow integrated medicine, combining both allopathic medicine when necessary and supported by natural pure grade essential oil healing and herbs and mineral supplements. In order to heal one must be aware of the core/spiritual issue creating the disharmony in balance of the physical and emotional states.
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Allayah -- Spiritualist/ Healer and caretaker of Ancient Crystal Skulls

I AM Allayah higher-dimensional self, but merged and integrated with my current human self.

I AM neither, and yet I AM both.

I AM a Seeker of knowledge and I AM on a path of Remembering .

My clairvoyant and medium ship skills were evident when I entered this incarnation. My childhood was one of seeing energies and entities not visible to others. At this very young age I remembered my ability to heal, for a while i had shut down to blend in with others. In my twenties I had a spiritual reawakening and Kundalini experience.

In 1999 I experienced a serious health crisis and resulting NDE (near death experience). My life took a dramatic turn spiritually as a result. After my NDE I realized that I had not left this plane at that time because my soul had more that it wished to accomplish here on earth.

The ancient energies have re-emerged for the healing of the planet and the ascension process.

It is my path of Service to help facilitate this process thru community work.

May you hold the light of this energy in your heart and bring heaven down to earth one more degree in your own experience, and thus for the planet as a whole, for we are all one.

May you walk your path in Light and Love forever.

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