Lisa Allen, MH




Name Lisa Allen, MH
City San Diego
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Telephone No. 1 (858) 633-7680
Skype astroherbalist
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Profession Astrologer, Herbalist, Dowser, Tarot Reader, Energetic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Flower Essences, Llewellyn Author, ULC Reverend and Co-Founder of
Career Professional Consultant since 2000
Expertise Planetary Empowerment starts with Personal Empowerment: Deep-level connecting to Source and healing for all levels (in-person or distance), Astrology with Herbs and Flower Essences, Natural and Herbal Contraception/Birth Control, and the unfolding of the Tolkien-Elven Spiritual Path.
Affiliations San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS)
Media Rob McConnell's The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show (February 2013)
Publisher of Books Published in Annuals from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Authored Authored: Since 2006, Lisa has written more than two dozen articles for the yearly Herbal Almanac, Magical Almanac, Moon Sign Book, Witches' Companion/Wicca Almanac, and Witches' Spell-a-Day Almanac. Prominent Topics: Magical Cleansing Reactions, Herbs and Energetic Healing, Herbal Philosophy, Eat Your Weeds, Cutting Cords, Astral Projection for the Ultra-Earthbound, Chakra Balancing and Tarot, DNA Dowsing, Magical Uses of Hemp, Creating Tarot Spells Using Dowsing, Regenerate and Repair the Aura, Henna for Hair, and several single-herb profiles.

Lisa started seriously studying Western Astrology on her Saturn Return in 1993, and became professional in the year 2000. Along the way, she also picked up skills in Tarot Reading, Dowsing (mostly with a pendulum), Flower Essences and other healing and divinatory arts. In 2007, when Lisa realized Healing skills were as important to her clients as Astrology skills, she became a Master Herbalist (MH) through Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing, and an ordained Reverend through the Universal Life Church. She then became an Usui Reiki Master, and energetic healer - sometimes balancing chakras, cleansing auras, and implementing shamanic methods like cord cutting, recovering soul pieces, and imprint (or entity) removal from past lives or ancestral lines. She began creating Flower Essences in her yard and in the woods nearby to custom-blend healing signatures along with appropriate herbs for her clients. As a Level I NCGR who passed the ISAR ethics requirement in 2003, Lisa received rigorous Astrology training while employed with Twelve Signs Inc. (makers of the very successful StarScroll), and enjoyed teaching classes, and helping clients at the La Jolla, CA Psychic Eye Bookshop and Hillcrest's America's Longevity Health. Although she practices what is termed Modern Western Astrology, her influences draw heavily on Classical technique, and even knows some basic things about other forms of Astrology that could be helpful, including Vedic and Chinese systems. Her goal for each client consultation is healing and empowerment to choose and then create desired experiences, rather than rote fortune-telling.

Her personal journey: She inadvertently discovered in 2005 a more real meaning through reading JRR Tolkien's back-stories of Middle-Earth and deeply studied the Elven viewpoint, which then revealed a way to create and traverse a very fulfilling spiritual path - one she feels matches her energy better than others, and has actually found a few others around the world who agree!

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