Lisa Barnett




Name Lisa Barnett - Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
City San Rafael
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Postal Code 94903
Telephone Number 415-492-0260
Favourite Saying Enjoy the Journey on your Soul Path
Skype lisa.c.barnett
Twitter @akashicknowing
Profession Founder, Teacher & Consultant of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom
Career I'm here to guide you and bring your deep soul wisdom through for you so you can gain clarity about your next steps in your life, heal personal wounds and feel confident about the choices you're making.
Experise Helping you get the answers and the transformation you're looking for
without having to wait for months or years. I help you through consultations and by teaching you to access your own Akashic Record.
Merchandise / Classes Transform Your Limiting Money Beliefs
Access Your Personal Akashic Record Wisdom
Access Ancient Soul Wisdom & Past Lives - Advance Training
Access the Akashic Wisdom for Another - Become an Akashic Record Consultant
Akashic Record Certified Consultant Program
Akashic Record Certified Teacher Program

Lisa Barnett is an internationally known Teacher, Consultant and Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She is a clear channel of divine wisdom, an Energy Master and Spiritual Teacher. Lisa brings more than 20 years of spiritual counseling and energetic healing to her clients and students. She incorporates information from the Soul's Library, known as the Akashic Record, with energetic healing on a Soul level to help you break through blocks, clear pain, fear, and karma to create the life your Heart and Soul desire.

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