Lisa Salaz




Name Lisa Salaz
Prov/State Colorado
Country United States of America
Favourite saying "Dream Big and grow into it"
Telephone Number (970) 964-4580
Profession Intuitive Spiritual Awareness Coach
Career Creator of Inner Spirit Rhythm
Expertise Spiritual communication with Guides, angels & loved ones. Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Quantum Touch: Healing Energy, Chakra Balancing, Crystals readings, Tarot & Oracle Readings, House Clearing, writer, Creator of Stepping Stones & Teacher.
Education Quantum Touch, Lisa Williams International School "Advanced Mediumship"
Degree(s) Certificates
Affiliations Best American Psychics
Best Psychic Directory
Clear Psychic Answers
Spiritual Events Directory
Media Credits Host of Blog Talk Radio "Dial In Channel Up"
Publisher of Books Inner Spirit Rhythm "Blog" & Magazines
Authored Lisa Salz
Bio Lisa has heard the calling for a long time, the calling to a greater service to help bring awareness and healing to others. Lisa's inspiration is working with spiritual guides to open a connection between those on this side with those in the afterlife, shifting consciousness into a higher realm. The purpose of this connection is to awaken your life's purpose and shift your energy to help you to align with a higher vibration that we all have. Lisa works with energy (chakras), her guide, angels, archangels, and loved ones on the other side to provide spiritual readings - Lisa also works with other tools from time to time when inspired to do so; these include tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, and runes. Each one is powerful and rich in the delivery of spiritual messages. Lisa also works with Quantum-touch using energy to promote healing; this is a magnificent source of love and energy that creates a powerful healing for the mind, body & soul. Lisa's true desire is to bring light and sparkle to your existence.

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