Maighread Birdsong




Name Maighread Birdsong
Country United States of America
Telephone Number 330 3LOVE99
Skype maighread.birdsong
Profession Wiccan Clergy/Reiki Grand Master/Paranormal Investigator, Writer/Poet
Career Living to help others
Experise Healing(GRMT) Preforming Rituals(Wiccan degree) counselling those with paranormal issues,(my time as a paranormal investigator and as the International Membership Chairman at United Paranormal International)


High school Graduate, some college, Wiccan Clergy degree

Degree(s) Wican clergy 1st. Degree Ordained Minister Universal Life Church
Military / Law Enforcement I chaperoned 5 ROTC Military balls. (when my kids were in high school) 2000-2005
Affiliations United Paranormal International, Witch School International, Phoenix rising Reiki
Media Credits Social Media Representative for the Livestream show, "The Beyond Natural"
Publisher of Books I have a poem in the anthology: Evoking the Muse (Pen name: Margaret Barton-Wahl)

I have had a great life with many opportunities to learn from a varied myriad of experiences. I have married, raised and home schooled children as well travelled through the western portion of the USA. When my children grew up and went to live their own lives I had the time, energy and the finances to do what I had always wanted to do. Work on the things which have always interested and attracted me. I have studied and become a Grand Reiki Master teacher, I worked with the lovely folks at United Paranormal International and of course have started my own site Healing Wings where I strive to help those with health issues by using my Reiki abilities. Also I have done some paranormal investigations and house clearings in conjunction with the experienced contacts I have developed through UPI. Currently I do run my own site Healing Wings but spend much time on Phoenix Rising Reiki as Priestess Maighread Birdsong and teach Reiki, do fund raiser auctions on site to keep the site up and running as well as lead in Wiccan rituals on the holidays. I am out there looking to help those who are in need of my particular verity of assistance, looking forward to each and every new experience. Hope to meet you all some time.

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