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Name Matthew A. Bille
Address 3405 Windjammer Drive
City Colorado Springs
Prov/State Colorado
Country USA
Postal Code 80920
Telephone # 719-592-9057
Cell # 719-648 - 4121
Profession Science writer and defense/aerospace consultant
Career US Air Force officer, specialist in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles,
Defense consultant, ANSER, 1994-2001
Defense consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, 2001 - Present
Freelance science writer, 1990 - Present
Expertise Zoology
Space History
Education BS, Public Administration, University of Southern California
MS, Public Administration, Webster University
MS, Space Systems Management, Webster University
Degree(s) BS, Public Administration, University of Southern California
MS, Public Administration, Webster University
MS, Space Systems Management, Webster University
Military or Law Enforcement Duty US Air Force officer, 12 years
Affiliations National Association of Science Writers
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Media Credits Greater Pacific Northwest Talk Radio shows since 1993
Publisher of Books Author: Rumors of Existence (cryptozoology), Hancock House, 1995
Co-author: The First Space Race, NASA History Office (due out Spring 2004)

Editor, Exotic Zoology newsletter (1994-1999)
Author of many articles and professional papers (see below)

Bio I'm a resident of Colorado Springs, where I work as an associate for the
consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, and as a freelance science writer. I've
published a book (Rumors of Existence) on the rarest and least-known animals in the world. From 1994 to 1999, I edited a quarterly newsletter, Exotic Zoology, which covered new, rediscovered, and unconfirmed animal species around the world. I had to close EZ so I could focus on books, including a sequel to Rumors. That sequel, Shadows of Existence, is under consideration by a larger publisher, but I have no publication date yet. I have published two articles in FATE on cryptozoology (one in July 1990 on reports of a variety of "monsters," one in November 2000 on the animal discoveries made over the last decade in Southeast Asia) and an article "The Definitive Sea Serpent," in the online version of STRANGE magazine. Having an interest in military history, I also published a FATE article, "The Strangest War," on mysteries of World War II.

I regularly publish professional papers and articles on space policy and
technology. I have one book on space history due out, co-authored with
satellite engineer Erika Lishock. The NASA History Office will sponsor
publication of The First Space Race: Launching the World's First Satellite, a
book on the "satellite race" between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. in the late
1950s. (Our article on the same topic was published in August 2000 in the
spaceflight history magazine Quest.) The First Space Race will be published
by Texas A&M University Press in Spring 2004.

Finally, I have been a freelance contributor to the NATURE Yearbook of
Science and Technology, the Gale Research Co. reference book Notable
20th-Century Scientists, and Grzimek's Animal Encyclopedia.

I have degrees in public administration and space systems management, having attended the University of Southern California, Webster University, and the University of North Dakota. I served 12 years as an Air Force officer before moving in 1994 to Colorado, where I spent seven years with the nonprofit research firm ANSER before moving to Booz Allen in 2001. I am married with two daughters.

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