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Mike L Flickner

Address 2985 Flickner Lane SE
City Corydon
Prov/State Indiana
Country United States of America
Zip Code 47112
Favourite Saying "Without truth there is no morals. Without facts there is no truth. So lets keep it real.".
Telephone 812-267-3603
Cell 812-267-3603

Mike L. Flickner

YouTube Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters

Paranormal Investigator

Expertise Spiritology, Shadow Apparitions
Affiliations SPR and Paraindiana
Media Credits Travel Channels Ghost Adventures and You Tubes Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters Chronicles.

Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters Chronicles 1 & 2 with CC. Thomas.

Merchandise Books, DVDs, Shirts that may be purchased through our website
General Info

Mikes interest in Paranormal Activity started at the age of 10 and he has studied it for over 42 years now. He has also held degrees with such groups as SRP as a Parapsychologist and Paranormal Investigator. He is the Founder of SIGH the Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters and is the Lead investigator of the group. Mike is also an accomplished musician of 36 years and a recording engineer. He founded and was president of Myth Maker Studios Inc. and was the Co Founder of Full Moon Productions. He has appeared in many television productions and on stage in many plays. He was the head of investigations at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium one of the top ten most haunted locations in the world, located in Louisville Kentucky. He also through extensive study of shadow apparitions was able to place them in three different groups as Shallows, Solids and Masses. He also coined the term Hollow for weaker apparitions that appear as heat rising from asphalt.
He and His group are the subject of many books about Paranormal research. Mike currently resides in New Middle Town Indiana with his family.

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