Nicholas Paul Ginex


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Name Nicholas P. Ginex
Address 9720 La Zapatilla Circle
City Fountain Valley
Prov/State California
Country United States of America
Postal Code 92708
Favourite saying Love one another and Yea is the Word
Telephone Number 520-400-8454
Cell Number 520-400-8454
Profession Writer, non-fiction
Career Retired Engineering of Configuration Management and Maintainability disciplines
Expertise Egyptian, Judaic. Christian and Islamic Religions
Education The University of New York; Adelphi University, New York
Degree(s) B.E.E and MBA in Finance
Military or Law Enforcement Two years active duty in the U.S. Army
Affiliations Past IEEE Member
Media Credits The Clute Institute published an article by Nicholas Ginex titled, Provide History of Religion and God in the academic journal Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 2nd Quarter, 2013 (Volume 6, Number 2), CIER #5334.
Publisher of Books Legacy of a Father
Authored Future of God Amen, Amen and Jesus Revelation, God, Us and the Universe, AMEN, and Allah, We, Our and Us
Awards English Composition by Dr. Leffert at CCNY



Nicholas Ginex is a retired Electrical Engineer with an MBA in Finance. He worked in design and distinguished himself in the support disciplines of Maintainability and Configuration Management (CM).

As CM Manager of software and hardware products for top aerospace and commercial companies, his planning and organizational skills were applied for the successful operation of entire engineering projects.

While writing Future of God Amen, he sang and played his guitar at senior care centers and nursing homes for their enjoyment. The smiles on their faces and the joy in their eyes have been his greatest reward.

Nicholas has been invited onto four talk-radio shows and was honored to be on the The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show international talk show several times to discuss his books Future of God Amen and AMEN. He has both Newswires and Press Releases issued on the Internet for all of his books by his publisher Xlibris, has appeared in several writer magazines such as RTIR (Radio-TV Interview Report) and The 'X' Chronciles Newspaper by Rob McConnell, and had YouTube videos filmed to present to media and TV shows.

His love for his children and his desire to inform them about the God Amen motivated him to self-publish his first book, Legacy of a Father.

Too long for the average reader, Ginex shortened it and created the historical novel Future of God Amen. This book and three other books were published by Xlibris Corporation titled, Amen and Jesus' Revelation, God, Us and the Universe, and AMEN. Presently, Nicholas plans to publish the book, Allah, We, Our and Us, which provides a concise overview of the Islamic religion and appeals to religious leaders of the Judaic, Christian, sand Islamic religions to unify their beliefs and teach the word of God - love one another. Book reviews can be viewed on the Internet website .



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