Christine Nightingale




Name Christine Nightingale
Address 15 Highview Trail
City Brampton
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Postal Code L6S 1P5
Telephone # 905-791-8730
Degree(s) Psychology - University of Toronto
Bio Christine Nightingale 15 Highview Trail. Brampton, Ontario, L6S 1P5 Toronto Healing Arts Centre, 715 Bloor West, Toronto Ontario, Canada M6G 1L5: (905)791-8738 Specialty: Guardian angel channeling I have had angel experiences all my life, including seeing them, being rescued, and being able to channel messages. Given a person's name and birth date, I can access the names of their guardian angels,and their attributes. I also am able to get past-life information from the angels. I am a Reiki Master(energy healing) and a graduate of a two-year program in Aromatherapy. My University of Toronto Degree is in in Psychology,and I have extensive counseling training. I operate a healing practice at the Toronto Healing Arts Centre. I am also able to channel over the phone or to send a taped, channeled message if the name, birth date and questions are sent to me.

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