Nita Hickok




Name Nita Hickok
Country World Wide Services
Profession Exorcist, Energy Healer, Distant Healer, Demonologist, Angelologist
Career Exorcist, and Removal of Spiritual Problems
Expertise Removal of Spirits of all sorts, healing problems of all sorts, solving psychic warfare, and other energetic problems. Distant healing, Past Life Regression, Divine connections, Soul healing and personal and spiritual support during the healing.
Education College, Two Mystery Schools
Degree(s) Associate Degree, High Ranking Mastery of 4 different disciples of study in Hermetic Magic
Affiliations Church of the Seven Planes
Media Coast to Coast Radio Show, and many Blog Talk Radio Shows.
Publisher of Books Weaving Dreams Publishing, and Createspace
Authored Solving Psychic Attack and Sensible Spirituality
Merchandise Services for my helping others, books, finding out the name of your Guardian Angel, and Custom Talismans.

I am an expert in Exorcisms, Psychic Warfare, Soul Healing, Angelology, Soul Retrieval, Demonology, Energy Healing, Long Distance Healing, Astral Healing, and much more. I have been on the web for over 10 years. I have a good reputation and have helped many people.

I am an interfaith Minister because I believe all Gods and Goddesses are valid and that they are part of one divine force that is incomprehensible to us who are incarnated upon this earth. No one can understand God so everyone has choices in how they connect to God. This makes all belief systems valid. I am also a published Author and enjoy talking on Radio shows.

I have been doing astral healing, distant healing, spirit releases, exorcisms, house cleansing and blessing, soul restoring and retrieval ,transforming your life, psychic vampire removal, house blessings and curse removal and much more for over 40 years. I have done so many exorcisms of people and more than that of houses that I cannot count them. I design methods to help others with unusual problems.


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