Dr. Dave Oeste, D.D.

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Name Dr. Dave Oeste, DD
Address 12885 SW North Rim Rd
City Crooked River Ranch
Prov/State OR
Country USA
Postal Code 97760
Telephone # (541) 548-4418
Facsimile # (541) 548-4418
Profession Director of International Ghost Hunters Society & Webmaster of
Career Public Accounting, Oil & Gas Exploration & Development, Paralegal and Paranormal Investigation
Expertise Ghosts, Poltergeist & Haunted Places
Degree(s) AA
Military or Law Enforcement Duty United States Marine Corps - Vietnam
Media Credits Art Bell Dreamland; Jeff Rense Sightings; Rob McConnell The 'X' Zone; Sean David Morton Strange Universe; BBC Belfast, Northern Ireland; ABC News Nightline; A&E The Unexplained; TLC; Discovery Channel; London Sunday Times; New York Times; US News & World Report; Good Housekeeping; Fate Magazine; Official X-File Magazine
Books Twilight Visitors... a collection of 70 ghost stories - StarWest Press; Haunted Reality... a collection of 35 ghost stories - starkest Press; International Ghost Hunters Society Home Study Course... a parapsychology course in understanding the spirit of the dead.
Merchandise International Ghost Hunters Society Photo Analysis CD... a CD providing photo analysis of valid paranormal and natural anomalies for comparison.
Bio Dave got started in paranormal research when he and his wife moved into a haunted cottage along the Oregon Coast in 1991. They live for two years with several poltergeists that haunted the home, including a little girl named Dana. While living along the Oregon coast, Twilight Visitors was born. This is a collection of ghost tales from in and around the Oregon Coast and from across the nation. Later they move to another home inland that was also haunted by the lady who died as a lonely and bitter woman. Sharon captured her first ghost photo of a vortex that cast a shadow that became the front page of our second book, Haunted Reality. This photo has appeared in major newspapers and magazines around the world. The International Ghost Hunters Society was born in November, 1996 because of the hundreds of emails received after our first web site was launched. Today, we have over 12,400 members in over 85 countries and have become the largest ghost site in the world on the Internet.

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