Pattie Freeman, CI, CHT




Name Pattie Freeman CI, CHT
Address 7135 E. Camelback Rd Ste 230
City Scottsdale
Prov/State Arizona
Country United States of America
Postal Code 85251
Telephone Number 602-400-0653
Cell Number 602-400-0653
Favourite Saying "Things happen for a reason"
Skype hypnopattie
Profession Hypnotherapist-Author
Career Hypnotherapist-UFO Regression
Experise UFO Regression
Education College Graduate- NGH Hypnosis Instructor
Degree(s) BA- Psychology
Affiliation(s) NGH, ASPH, AMA, NESTA
Media Credits

Media Credits: ABC-The List, NBC- FOX10 -104.7 Kiss FM- Best Damn Sports Show FOX- TNT- Major Radio/TV Talk shows, The 'X' Zone Radio Show..many more

Publisher of Books The Edge-
Authored Pattie Freeman CI, CHT
Merchandise Cds, DVD.s, Book- Training workshops
Awards Entertainer of the year…

Pattie Freeman is a Certified Hypnotherapist and is a member/Instructor of the (NGH) National Guild Of Hypnotist, Arizona Professional Hypnotist Association, NESTA.

Her clients request her help in various topics including UFO sightings. Pattie has been asked by MUFON representatives to help with regression techniques. Now, regression is used for those wanting to find answers and about UFO Abduction- contact and even sightings. The success results of knowing what they saw or experience gives them closure and also gives them their answers and satisfying results. Many clients are skeptic about the UFO's but they become believers once they recall details and regress to the moment and it becomes more vivid.

Pattie Freeman has studied as a student of psychology Her therapeutic approach, compelling communication style, and by her successful Clients. Combining modalities of hypnotherapy, Parts therapy, neuro-linguistics programming (NLP), whole brain learning, and success Enhancement in Performance and Injury conditioning and Personal Achievement.

Pattie has been seen on ABC- The List/ NBC 10/ FOX Sports. She has been on WE-TV and various TV and Radio talk shows. Pattie has help thousands of clients enhance their sports career with her visualization techniques. Pattie is the author of the Book "The Edge".

She has been the Hypnotherapist to the stars with offices based in Beverly Hills, CA. and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked film writers, and producers and directors of major TV shows. She has frequently been a consult for various directors and actors for movies and television programs.

So if you feel that you would like to experience a session feel free to contact Pattie...

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