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Name Michelle A. Payton (pen name “M.A. Payton”)
Address 437 Hopewell Drive
City Powell
Prov/State Ohio
Country United States of America
Postal Code 43065
Telephone # 614-785-9821
Facsimile # 614-785-9819
Profession Author and multi-media communicator (print, radio, television), Holistic Hypnotherapist (Past/Current/Future Life specialty), Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order Specialist (Birth Mix Patterns), Trained Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ Practitioner, Owner/Founder of The Left Side (an International Wholesale Coop Distributorship)
Career Mother/My Family, Conscious Living Capitalist and Communicator, Teacher and Student simultaneously
Expertise Birth Mix Patterns Analysis (utilizing Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order, and other techniques helping physical beings understand themselves and others), Holistic Hypnotherapy (specializing in past/current/future lives), Communication (written, and spoken), Conscious Living Business Management

Formal Training includes (but not limited to):
-Past Life Hypnotherapy Professional Training Course, Weiss Institute, 2006 (studying with Brian and Carole Weiss)
-Trained and Certified in Hypnotherapy, 2005
-Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Performance Institute of NLP, Licensed and Trained in 2005
-Feng Shui Professional Accelerated Course, Ohio Design, 1999

Degree(s) Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Cincinnati (Ohio)
Media Credits Multiple appearances include (but not limited to) the following radio stations:
-KTOX, 1340 AM, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” CA—Host, Kelly Hayes
-X-Zone Radio, syndicated in Canada and the U.S.--Host, Rob McConnell (go to
-850 KOA, Clear Channel station, Colorado--Host, Rick Barber
-WQQQ, Q103.3-FM, CT--Host, Joe/Co-Host, Thia
-KOKX, Iowa--Host Tammy Sullenberger
-KBAR 1230-AM, In the Dark, Idaho--Host, Bill Shields
-WILO 1570-AM. Indiana--Host, Ben Williams
-Joe Mazza Show, Mass.--Host, Joe Mazza (go to
-AM/FM 105.3-FM, 1080-AM, KYMO, MO--Host, Reid Howell
-"Morning Madhouse," MI--Hosts, Mike DoBord & Bridgette Brady
-KKXL (93)-FM, Clear Channel, Morning Show, ND--Hosts, Trevor D & Christal Blue
-93 Y-FM, Clear Channel, Morning Show, ND--Hosts, Bob Bracy & Stacy Sturm
-WDAY, 970-AM, Newstalk & Sports, ND--Host, Paul Bougie
-94.7 KNEN, NE--Hosts, Bill & Jessie
-WGHT 1500-AM, "Northern New Jersey's Talking" Morning Show, NJ--Host, John Moultrie
-WEOL 930-AM, OH--Hosts, Les & Colleen
-97.3-FM,"Ben & Patty Show," SD--Hosts, Ben & Patty
-KCRS-AM 550 ,Clear Channel, TX--Host, Robert Hallmark
-WDLB-AM-1230, AM-1450,"Insight," WI--Host, Ryan Lindsey (go to

Written word media includes (but not limited to):
-AURA Magazine (national New Age trade publication) writer of multiple articles
-NEW AGE RETAILER Magazine (international New Age trade publication) writer
-Multiple regional (all four corners of the U.S.A.) consumer conscious living/New Age publications writer

Publisher of Books The Left Side
437 Hopewell Drive
Powell, Ohio 43065
Phone: 614-785-9821
Fax: 614-785-9819
Authored Authored (as of September 2006):
”Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom...
Finding Peace of Mind in a World of Diverse Ideas”

Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Balance with Soul”

”Birth Mix Patterns...
Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on the Past, Present & Future”

”Birth Mix Patterns...
Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order and their effects on Families & Other Groups that Matter”

”Birth Mix Patterns...
for Loving Relationships, using Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order” (operating title, to be published spring 2007)

Merchandise M.A. Payton books (The Left Side coop also includes a number of other coop partners—cards, gifts, handmade jewelry/sacred tools)
Awards ”Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom...”
Nominated Finalist of Best Self Help/Biographical Book category, 2003 COVR Visionary Award, Coalition of Visionary Resources Trade Association, International New Age Trade Show

”Birth Mix Patterns... and their effects on the Past, Present and Future”
Nominated Finalist of Best General Interest/How to Book category, 2006 COVR Visionary Award, Coalition of Visionary Resources Trade Association, International New Age Trade Show

Bio To survive a childhood household with alcohol, drug, mental, and physical abuse, at an early age Michelle learned to read situations quickly. Today, her work revolves around effective, open, clear communication. It alleviates the perception that people are complex, rather communication challenges are a result of people creating and perceiving complexity. Her knowing is that when we embrace, and love, who we are, we create healthy boundaries. We then achieve a lifetime of experiences that flow with grace, and elegance.

Michelle is a multiple award-winning author and has written a variety of books—Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom, Soul”utions, and Birth Mix Patterns series. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati in Communication Arts; Is trained in Hypnotherapy by masters like Brian Weiss; Is a licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ and Communication Skills Specialist (from The Performance Institute of NLP); Has studied Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order leading her to create her Birth Mix Patterns process. Michelle has touched people world-wide as a sought after radio guest; as a writer for numerous regional and national publications; with empowering one-on-one sessions and as a workshop leader; and as owner and operator of an international wholesale company called The Left Side which is known for its thousands of quality body, mind, spirit-focused products and services.

Michelle is an accomplished national brand marketing professional for over 20 years resulting in extensive advertising, marketing, research, writing and business building background. She, her husband and life partner since 1982, and three children currently reside in Columbus, Ohio.

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