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Roberta Grimes

City Austin
Prov/State Texas
Country United States of America
Favourite Saying Your mind is eternal! You never began, and you never will end
Telephone No. 512-329-9506
Facsimile No. 512-329-9512
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Career Practicing law for closely-held businesses; researching and teaching about the afterlife.
Expertise Evidence-based expert and teacher in the fields of death, the afterlife, and the meaning and message of Jesus.
Education Smith College – BA in Religion; Boston University School of Law – JD
Degree(s) BA, JD
Media Credits Weekly podcast at called Seek Reality With Roberta Grimes. iTunes podcast archive has a quarter of a million subscribers.
Publisher of Books CFA Publishing
Books Authored

Liberating Jesus; The Fun of Dying; The Fun of Staying in Touch; co-authored Flying High in Spirit; also authored five well-received novels.

General Info

Roberta Grimes is an Austin-based business attorney who had two extraordinary experiences of light in childhood that prompted her to spend decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead. Using this material, the principles of quantum mechanics, and latest developments in consciousness research, eventually she was able to figure out what her experiences of light had been. And beyond that, she learned so many details about what happens at and after death and how the entire process works that in 2010 she published The Fun of Dying - Find Out What Really Happens Next. A 2014 sequel, The Fun of Staying in Touch, details the many ways in which the dead give us signs of their survival, and also some astonishing recent advances in the field of after-death communication. In 2015 she authored Liberating Jesus, a reboot of the meaning and message of Jesus based on the afterlife evidence, and she co-authored Flying High in Spirit, which is the autobiography of a sixth-level being. A graduate of Smith College and Boston University School of Law, Roberta issues weekly podcasts on called Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes. Her iTunes Seek Reality archive has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. She blogs and answers questions at

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