Robert Lee Camp




Name Robert Lee Camp
Address 6 Sunrise Vly
City Leicester
Prov/State North Carolina
Country United States of America
Postal Code 28748
Favourite saying The Now is all there is.
Telephone Number 828-236-0221
Cell Number 828-707-7518
Profession Author, Astrologer, Teacher
Expertise Author, The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards
Education Some College
Affiliations Founder, The Magi Fellowship
Publisher of Books Sourcebooks, Inc. and Seven Thunders Publishing, Inc.

Authored Cards of Your Destiny, Your Birthday, Your Card, and Love Cards
Merchandise We offer books, eCourses and software all connected to the Science of the Cards and astrology
Awards Grand Master, Order of the Magi on Terra, 1992

Robert Camp is an author, teacher and master astrologer. Among his clients, many of whom are well known names in Hollywood, he is known for the accuracy and insight of his personal readings. Robert has performed readings for Glenn Close, Rae Dawn Chong, Woody Harrelson, Mrs. Robin Williams, Aimee Osbourne, Mrs. Dick Van Patten, and Mrs. Merv Griffin as well as many producers. Robert has taught hundreds of seminars and appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows across the United States and Canada. Dee Jays have dubbed him "Mr. Destiny" as he amazes and delights their listening audiences with predictions about their lives and the lives of major celebrities and people in the news. Robert has appeared on over 1500 radio shows and has appeard as a guest on The Marilu Henner Show, The Maury Povich Show and the Roseanne Show.

In 1988 Robert discovered an ancient and secret method of determining people's personal destinies. Using this Book of Destiny system, Robert has made successful predictions about many people in the news including Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, David Koresh, Michael Jackson, Ex-president Clinton, Ben Afflect and Jennifer Lopez, and O.J. Simpson. Since then he has written ten books that reveal the secrets of this ancient science to the public. The most notable of these, Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards have become very popular and can be obtained in any bookstore in the United States and have sold over 100,000 copies. Through his work, Robert hopes to raise the conscious awareness of people around the world using the tools of Astrology and the Science of the Cards. His company, Seven Thunders Publishing, provides many products and services to help others achieve more personal power and happiness.

In 1991 Robert was initiated as a Grand Master in the Order of the Magi, whose main purpose is the preservation and dissemination of ancient esoteric knowledge. He was charged with spreading the knowledge of the Science of the Cards and spirituality. He continues to develop new ways for this valuable information to benefit mankind.

Robert Lee Camp currently resides outside of Asheville, NC.

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