Sarah Nash




Name Sarah Nash
Address Suite 234
City Port Townsend
Prov/State Washington
Country United States of America
Postal Code 98368
Telephone Number 330 3LOVE99
Favourite Saying Translate everything to the highest possible power.
Twitter @CosmicHooker
Profession Spiritual Life Coach
Career Supreme Psychic, Medium, Ghostbuster, Irreverent Reverend, Mystic (not a hooker)
Experise Calling Bullsh*t, recovering your soul plan, blatant honesty, pissing off the Big Boys in Religions worldwide (with the exception of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he's cool) and making sense out of senselessness.

Jedi Training Academy, too much formal college not to have a degree; but I don't have one that is useful. I want to burn my Masters Degree in Theology. Years spent trying to recover my own soul plan and sitting at the feet of Gurus.

Degree(s) Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Egyptian Reiki Master. Ordained Melchizedek Priest. Ordained Reverend. Advanced Spiritual Response Practitioner. Certified Spiritual Life Coach.
Affiliations * Cofounder White Light Express
* American Tarot Association
* American Holistic Medical Association
* Labyrinth Society
* Humanity Healing
* Unity
Media Credits OM Times, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Beyond Belief Television
Publisher of Books "IF" for publication in 2013
Authored Cosmic Triage™ Series
Merchandise Seaglass Oracle Cards for publication in 2013
Awards Intergalactic Recognition of being a sarcastic bad-ass while maintaining compassion and integrity for Planet Earth and her humans.

Years of intensive study and arguing with my intelligent elders taught me to sit down and shut up. Once I learned how to listen, I began learning. It's my job to teach you everything I've learned so your life can become easier. I learned that The Law Of Attraction meant that you had to give in order to get. It's surprising how many people sit around waiting for a Federal Express truck to deliver their lives. People tend to have a bizarre sense of entitlement in this day and age and if I see that in you, I'll tell you to sit down and shut up. If you continue to whine that your life isn't the way you want it be, I'll recommend that you go volunteer at a local food shelter, animal shelter or nursing home, because I did.

I'm a survivor of every kind of abuse you can imagine. If I lived through it, so can you. I believe in you, in a compassionate Universe and God.

I talk to dead people every day, my Master Guide and a few aliens too. I'm crazier than your weird Aunt who went to India, then stayed there.

People love me or ignore me. Either way it's win-win for me.

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