Richard L Senate



Name Richard L Senate
Address P O Box 9452 Telephone Road, PMB #111
City Ventura
Prov/State CA
Country USA
Postal Code 93004-2600
Telephone # (805) 658-4728
Profession Historian and Psychic Researcher (Ghost Hunter), Writer
Expertise History of the west, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner, Hollywood
Degree(s) AA Degree, BA (History) Long Beach State U., CA
Affiliations Mission Studies Association
Media Credits
Fate Magazine (Dec. 1999) Three short articles. 
People Magazine (Oct 1982) 
Merv Griffin Show (1981) 
Haunted History (1998) (three shows) History Channel 
Haunted Houses (1997) A&E  (San Diego haunting) 
Sightings (1994-5)  Fox  (Two shows) 
The Search for Haunted Hollywood (1989) Fox Special (Live) 
Art Bell Radio Show (1997)  Ghosts on tape 
Books BRIEF "Ghosts of the Haunted Coast" Pathfinder Press, "13 Hollywood Haunts" Ralley Publishing, "Ghosts of the Queen Mary" G-Host Press, "The Haunted Southland", "Earle Stanley Gardner's Ventura: the birth place of Perry Mason", "The ghost stalker's Guide to Haunted California." By Charon Press.  
Bio I was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of a painter who worked at MGM Studios.  I have always loved history and loved the great mysteries of the past. That is what got me interested in the study of Archaeology.  The idea of digging in Egypt or North Africa was tingling to me.  But, I only got a chance to dig in California--still it was of thrilling to find something lost for centuries.  In 1978 I was part of a 'dig' at Mission San Antonio de Padua.  Late one night, while walking though the courtyard of the place, I chanced to see a monk with a candle.  When I approached him, he simply vanished into nothing.  I was shocked, stunned, and a bit frightened.  From that point on I have been involved with psychic research.  I have visited over 200 haunted houses, attended 93 Sťances, and yes, encountered 24 apparitions.  I am still trying to find answers.  I have authored six books on the subject of ghosts and local history and continue to consult on the subject of ghosts in Hollywood.  I have traveled all over the west in my search for the supernatural and I believe that I have found a few answers to this great riddle.

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