Shelby Beckett




Name Shelby Beckett
City Gainesville
Prov/State Florida
Country United States of America
Favourite saying You can have faith, or you can worry, but you can't do both.
Telephone Number 352-505-3386
Cell Number 352-514-2220
Facebook Beckett/BETWEEN
Profession Author, Speaker, Channeler, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator
Career Author, Speaker, Channeler, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator
Expertise Channelled information on life after death, reincarnation, energy/quantum healing, keys to living a happier life, and other spiritual/metaphysical subjects.
Education University of Akron (Ohio); University of Cincinnati (Ohio)
Degree(s) B.A. (Latin, Greek, and Mythology); M.A. (Classical Archaeology)
Affiliations Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
Media Credits Cover and lead interview in Senior Times Magazine (Gainesville, FL); Radio Interviews with: Rob McConnell, The'X' Zone Radio Show; Steve Jorgensen, TogiNet Radio, Author Talk 2; Lee Schwartz, The Lee and Brian Show, WNSC 1360 AM (Philadelphia); (Larry Whitler, WOCA "The Source" (Ocala, FL); Mike Sutcliffe, KINZ FM/KKOY FM/KKOY AM (Chanute, KS); J.T. Williams, The JT Show (, MS)
Authored BETWEEN (a novel of life between this world and the next); How to Transform Your Life - Six Steps to Lasting Happiness; What You Believe Is What You Receive; How to Live Happily Ever After
Merchandise Books, Guided Imagery CDs
Bio Originally skeptical about the paranormal, Shelby Beckett has been communicating with "Jared," a spiritual mentor, for almost 40 years. She channels information from him about life after death, reincarnation, energy healing and other related subjects. She and Jared have spoken to numerous individuals and groups, and she has led classes in psychic and spiritual development throughout the United States.

Shelby is the author of several non-fiction books containing Jared's information, and has woven much of that material into her intriguing novel, BETWEEN. The story concerns a young healer who is in a coma and caught between this world and the next. There an ominous power is determined to secretly manipulate her exceptional healing abilities to extend its control into our world. Brimming with adventure, romance, and touches of mythology and humor, BETWEEN draws readers in with Jared's descriptions of that mysterious area between the worlds. Although the story is fictional, Jared's information offers a striking view of what may happen after we die, as well as an understanding of how the choices we make here on Earth not only ripple through our lives and the lives of others, but also can also crucially influence our experiences after we leave this world.


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