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Name Shelley Radja
Country USA
Cell # 773-802-8167
Profession Radiologic Technologist/Medical Assistant
Advanced Practitioner of Yuen Energetics, Energy Healing
Expertise Yuen Energetics-Energy Healing, Reiki, Channeling, Akashic Record
Degree(s) AA Degree Wright College
Affiliations A.S.R.T. , A.R.R.T.
Merchandise Distributor of Alka-Mine* Coral Calcium products
Bio Shelley has 30 years experience in the medical field. She turned to alternative medicine when the traditional avenues failed to relieve her own health issues. Given her experience with hands on healing and other alternative practices, she was very intrigued when attending a lecture given by Dr. Kam Yuen. Her enthusiasm grew when she experienced relief from symptoms that had plagued her for months. At the next opportunity, Shelley attended a workshop that Dr. Yuen taught and knew that healing was her true vocation. Shelley is now an advanced practitioner of Yuen Energetics and a canditate for the Mastery Program. She works regularly online through a website, and is a member of a Yuen Energetics practitioners group, Chinese Energetic Method in her hometown. She combines Yuen Energetics, Reiki, Akashic Records and Angels and also finds her medical background extremely helpful and integral in her practice.

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